Friday, August 26, 2016

What's up with the Waldorf-Astoria Palace Dining Room in Jerusalem? Not much (8-13-16)

Our week long stay at the Waldorf-Astoria in Jerusalem got off to a rocky start with a misled check-in and really didn't get much better, especially when it came to Shabbat lunch on Saturday which we decided to eat there as most places are closed. We only found out afterwards(when the bill arrived at checkout) that the cost for the (quite huge) lunch buffet was over $100 per person!! Okay, so this includes all soft drinks and waters, but $100+++??!!!
Most of the food was so overcooked from sitting in the chafing dishes, as on Shabbat cooking is prohibited, and while there were some nice items, they sure were not worth the sticker price.
Several minutes into our eating the first course of salads and such, Will discovered a black hair at least a foot long in his food, showed it to the staff, who apologized, and went on their way. Within minutes he was sick to his stomach and left, so that was one meal we would not pay for.
The Saturday evening non-eat buffet which I had(Will & Sam went out) was not much better and also cost a pretty penny. Warning--when staying at hotels in Israel, always ask the price of Sabbath (Shabbat) buffets before you reserve!