Friday, August 26, 2016

Jerusalem's MONA makes for a memorable dining experience (8-17-16)

Our next night in Jerusalem brought us to what was probably our favorite dining spot in town. Mona is a wonderful chef restaurant started by the chefs of Mahneyuda  and now it has a wonderful chef in charge but he was not in residence that evening, Chef Ro'i did an amazing job and we were thoroughly impressed from beginning to end. Will started with a St. Germain des Pres drink made of Saint Germain, Bombay East, egg white cucumber and chili that was out of this world.
My Chipotle margarita was just as tasty.
Since Samuel had a monopoly on beef tartar the three of us decided to have the special offering of an appetizer that night here with a Chipotle aioli, capers  mustard and an adorable Asado meat ball  which was wrapped in a beer batter and deep fried, all with parmesan tuile and potato crisps. It was a delicious portion with the capers and mustard making it superbly traditional but the Chipotle raising into a spicy heavenly flavor with that Asado Ball!
A wonderful complimentary salad arrived of red and regular endive, romaine, pistachios, plums, and Parmesan shavings.
We ordered a bottle of Recanati white reserve which is a combination of Rousanne and Marsanne 2012 in the finest of Rhone variety blending, creamy, rich and flavorful. 
The bread also arrived which came with garlic extra virgin olive oil, olives, sew salt and pepper which we mixed all together to have an amazing spread.
For his main course Samuel chose please the Pappardelle with lamb ragu rosemary and capers which seemed to disappear instantaneously. Will and I both chose the superb crispy skin Sea Bream which had a Tom Yam broth and came with mussels, kale, bok choy and okra. The broth was not spicy like a Thai   version but it was delicate and delicious.
We all decided to split the cheesecake with goat milk yogurt sour cream and Szechuan sherbert which was a perfect and delicious ending to an amazing meal in a quiet and serene setting.