Monday, June 29, 2009

KAZ (Sushi Bistro) cooks it up and Samuel and I love it

One of the last places I would like to take Samuel these days is a sushi bar. SO I waited until Daddy left town for a couple of days and sported him off last night to dinner at KAZ SUSHI BISTRO downtown in DC ( He was thrilled to have the option to sit at the sushi bar where there are only 6 stools, although after a minute he seemed totally uninterested in what Chef Kaz and his two sushi chefs were cooking up behind the counter. He was able to identify a couple of the raw fishes which impressed me a little.

As soon as he got his 7-up, we had the regular discussion about dining options; all he wanted was pizza, which was not going to happen. I gave him a fish or meat option with or without rice and he was adamant. I perused the menu and started to think about my options, and Samuel finally agreed to the SALMON TEMPURA ROLL appetizer which comes with a superb Ginger Sesame Sauce (I knew he would have none of that!). I ordered a flight of sake (Masumi-Junmai Ginjo, Yatsushika-Junmai and my favorite the Onikoroshi-Junmai Daiginjo---oh so smooth and yummy!), and Samuel's food arrived.

He tasted the crunchy nori-style "skin" wrap and loved it, but would not eat the salmon. I suggested he taste the salmon WITH the wrap and he adored it and begged to use the chopsticks. Our server brought over one of those kid-friendly chopstick thingys and he was in heaven and gobbled up all five pieces of the roll. He almost debated having a second order, but settled for three small scoops of MANGO Sorbet.

I, on the other hand, just kept on eating. I started with the WALU CEVICHE which had superbly tender pieces of the white fish with jicama and soy beans in a spicy citrus sauce. Second came one of Chef Kaz's signature dishes, which even Sam liked LOOKING at--The BIRD NEST, made up of thinly sliced baby calamari on a bed of uni with Truffle Soy Sauce. Atop this sat green nest like shavings (I forgot to ask what they were) and in that a small Quail is a beautiful delicate sight, at least until you mix it all up and get to eat this delectable treat.

Next came my favorite, a half order of TEMPURA JUMBO SOFT SHELL CRAB with ponzu dipping sauce. It was the biggest soft shell I had had in ages and tastiest as well.

At this point my sake glasses were empty so I ordered a small pitcher of CHIYO-MUSUBI (Tokobetsu Junmai-Tottori) which I had never had before and fell in love with. It is described as elegant and sharp, but I really felt little sharpness and more wonderful taste filling my mouth for quite a while.

I tried two more small dishes that were both new to me: JAPANESE TAI SNAPPER with Yuzu Zest which is a superb sushi option if you are looking for something new and then the HOUSE SMOKED DANSABA (Norwegian Fatty Mackerel) with HERB MISO which looks a lot like crab sushi since it is almost shredded, but this is one dish you will want to enjoy the smoked fish and the dapple of sauce on top and skip the soy-wasabi mix!

We headed home and I could not help complimenting Samuel all night on this great dining venture, of which I can only hope there will be more in the near future.

He even wants to go back to KAZ, as we all do!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

the Bethesda Central Farm Market offers brilliant cuisine and fine merchants

OK, How I manage to sorely alliterate that one, I haven't a clue.

The point here is that while I am not really a great chef and don't really SHOP around much, this morning Samuel and I headed to the new Bethesda Central Farm Market ( which is held in teo spots (check the website) each Thursday (3-7pm) and Sunday (9am-1pm) in Bethesda nad while currently small and growing offers a plethora of tastes for any palate.

Samuel loves hard cheese, but ventured into the realm of soft today, loving a mild goat, albeit firm and slightly aged. He adored the barbecue sauce from one vendor and shunned the superb braised lamb shanks from another (he dislikes sauces alot!), which I fell in love with instantly.

You can almost eat a meal here going from bread to cheese to home made sausage (the Lamb Merguez is DIVINE!) and then throught the fruits and veggies as well.

Today, both Sam and I discovered sour cherries...a local treat apparently only availabkle for a bout 10 days to 2 weeks annually. These tiny bright red cherries pack a punch and will be indeed packed into Samuel's camp lunch bag every day this week! We have all always loved snap peas, but somehow the ones we purchased today have such a burst of flavor and crunch, it will be hard to go back to the store bought brand.

Parking in Bethesda can be a bitch (oops!), but there is a free lot a block away if you can find a space....go early before everything is gone..and there was even wonderful entertainment from a folk singer.

If your palate isn't into massive munching, just buy and then head to one of the wonderful nearby dining spots for brunch! While we may be away several Sundays in July, I can assure you I'll be back there in August!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bethesda's VIEUX LOGIS still very lovely and a DEAL!

Last night a dear friend of ours invited us to dinner at Bethesda's LE VIUEX LOGIS ( which is celebrating its 29th anniversary this month with an amazing dinner deal: $29 for 3 courses including a glass of quite decent wine!

I must have been to Le Vieux Logis umpteen years ago as it all came back to me as we walked in. It is cozy electric French provincial decor with a real family feel exuded by owner Diana Dahan, who greets everyone and checks up on them regularly. It did not hurt that our friend was a regular, but everyone (and the place was jammed) seemed to be treated specially; in this economy, a restaurateur would be thrilled to have a full house any night! We even bumped into an old buddy who tended bar back at Galileo for years (speaking of Galileo, Roberto Donna will reopen in DC's Butterfield 9 location later this year with GALILEO III).

We settled in with a glass of tasty French chardonnay and perused the fixed price menu which offers about 6 or 7 options in each category. Diana is quick to mention that if we don't care for these options, there are numerous other specials!

Yummy breads include a black bread with raisins and the table also sports tasty SPICED PECANS; we tried not to fill up. Our starters included a superb TOMATO MOZZARELLA SALAD with Fresh Basil in Balsamic Vinaigrette made up of both red and yellow tomatoes and tasty cheese. GAZPACHO was cold and tasty and welcome now that the summer heat has settled in, and a medley of MUSHROOMS with Garlic & Herbs is one of the heavier options that was simply superb.

The entrees are not huge, but they are all well prepared, tasty and accompanied by numerous sides such as mashed potatoes, zucchini, bok choy cabbage and more. The fishes were no disappointment from the Pan Seared Boston HADDOCK in White Wine and Leeks to my Boneless CAROLINA RAINBOW TROUT in Lemon Butter and Almonds that indeed had not one bone and was simply light, tasty and divine. Will opted for the CHICKEN PICCATA with Lemon and Capers. As if this was not enough, we were treated to an order of Shoestring French Fried Potatoes and the even tastier SWEET POTATO Fries, which are actually baked and seasoned to perfection!

A bottle of HOB NOB PINOT NOIR 2007 which we all thought was a super red for fish (and chicken) due its light body but great character and I would have bet it was California (say, Sonoma Coast) any day. It is a French import for Pays d'Oc, and a nice summer red find for sure!

Diana proffers the dessert tray with glee and then offers up more choices not on the tray, but are happy to choose from the PEACH MELBA, Sorbet with Mixed Berries, Mixed Berries alone or the excellently flaky BERRY TORTE served on a light pastry with a touch of creme choux on top and loaded with fresh berries and other fruits.

A plate of homemade cookies arrives as Diana says these are her mother's Shabbos cookies! They are crunchy swirls dotted with chocolate and are accompanied by some rich heavenly Swiss treats that are imported and melt in your mouth with a little crunch.

As we were "special" we had a glass of after dinner something--mine was Drambuie, and headed home knowing that it won't be 29, umpteen or even close to that long before we return to Le Vieux Logis (which for some silly reason is not even IN the DC Zagat guide!)!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

say bye to BURGER BAR (by Hubert Keller) in St. Louis

I wanted a fun lunch today since I was having a picnic before the opera in the evening, so I chose PAPPY's BBQ which when I called (I had been warned to do so) advised me that they were almost sold out. SO I headed downstairs from my gorgeous room here at the new FOUR SEASONS St. Louis to the LUMIERE PLACE CASINO attached and just on the river north of the arch.

There are some pretty impressive dining options in the Casino complex and I chose BURGER BAR Lumiere Place, sister to the BURGER BAR Las Vegas, created by French chef HUBERT KELLER of Fleur de Lys in San Francisco. OK-OK these are gimmicks, but I had been told by the Four Seasons staff that Keller pops in almost every week or two and is indeed VERY INVOLVED.

The fun sleek place is loaded with booths with granite tables and a private tv or two in each booth. Of course, the servers can change the station, but they haven't a clue what CNN or such is on, let alone the US OPEN. I think the people that come here must be VERY FAT as I was at least a foot away from the granite table and the seats or table don't move. The noisy thump thump music was not impressive, but changed to VOLARE soon and back again. It was insane. At my rear booth I saw two guys thru the glass wall forming the perfectly made burgers and that was all; they seemed BORED. The bar in the front is 1/2 in the dining area and 1/2 in the casino with 3 flat screen TV's on both sides, but the casino folks have super-duper-1-arm bandit-style-gambling machines at each seat of the bar!

I perused the menu and could not decide between the YAKIMA VALLEY (Wash) Ridgefield Farm Beef Burger or the Black Angus. I went for the latter at $9.50 basic or so with only a roll (you can choose from 5 types--I got Sesame), pickle, tomato and lettuce. I chose not to take any toppings (each is ALA CARTE) and splurged for $2.50 for the Hubert Keller SHALLOT & RED WINE REDUCTION. Reduction is ISN'T. It is a thin sauce that works best like a "jus" you might French Dip a Roast Beef Sandwich into. It needed more body, but was tasty. The burger was VERY GOOD, but not at the level of say RAY's HELL BURGER in Arlington, VA which I reported on earlier this year and OBAMA made famous a month or so ago.

The burgers have many options up to the Kobe Beef with Foie Gras and Truffles for $50; no temptation here at all.

So hopefully next time in St. Louis, I'll have to get to Pappy's quicker as they only serve daily til they are sold out!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

St. Louis' MODESTO makes tapas terriffic

When I come to St. Louis it is primarily for my meal at Niche and to attend the opera. Yesterday, I had a matinee and evening performance and always look for spots near the opera house in Webster Groves. While they offer terrific picnics to buy there (which I will do tonight), great dining is not prolific in this area. About 4-5 miles east is a neighborhood called "The Hill" which has many spots known for traditional dining. Limos, doormen, and dress codes can be the norm, so it's not the kind of spot I usually seek. At the end of this strip of dining spots on Shaw Ave is MODESTO ( located about 15 minutes from downtown and is just the right spot for any kind of meal you desire before or after the opera...or anything else. It has been there more than 8 years and has a huge following so much so that at 530pm last night the place was 1/2 full and by 6pm there were only several empty tables. The decor is simple with wooden floors, tables and chairs, orange and yellow walls along with exposed brick a large bar in the front and yes, as it fills up, the place can get a bit noisy.

Most everything on the menu is $5-11 with exceptions being the Fried Lobster Tail in Chimichurri for $15 (which I skipped). My deliciously handsome server, Scott, went through the entire menu with me and I pondered the not too huge list for a while then chose. Sadly, I chose too much as these tapas portions are HUGE and could easily feed 4 people when sharing, not the usual 2 we think of back East! I ordered a glass of the white wine on special which Scott said was outstanding; he was so right. XARMANT ARABAKO TXAKOLINA 207 from the Pais Vasco in Spain has a minerally essence at first with intense grapefruit and lime flavors,yet it is crisp with a long nice finish; an amazing summer wine indeed.

My first tapas was BOQUERONES con ALUBIAS which was about 8 or so tasty large marinated WHITE ANCHOVIES with WHITE BEANS and RADISHES, The fish was not too salty and was ideal in the 93 degree heat to start. What was amazing was how well the Txakolina (white wine) went with the vinegar from the marinade. I think I may have found a new wine to pair with any dish with vinaigrette!

There were numerous fish and meat dishes A LA PLANCHA or simply grilled. Since I was in Missouri, I chose the superb MISSOURI TROUT. An entire 1/2 fish filleted perfectly and grilled with just some oil and minimal seasoning; it did require a bit of ground pepper.

Third came COLIFLOR REFRITA, a dish I shall seek in other tapas destinations. The CAULIFLOWER was cooked to perfected with tasty seasoning and served in TRUFFLE OIL.

I switched to a nice SALNEVAL ALABARINO 2007 from Riax Baixas which was nice, but not the intensity and depth of the Txakolina. It paired well with the more intense dishes to follow: PULPO CAN PATATAS - again a huge portion of at least 8 Roasted Baby Octopi with Potatoes & Bacon in a Sherry Vinaigrette, which only suffered slightly from a bit too much vinaigrette. The pulpo was tender and tasty with yummy crispy tentacles.

My last tapas was the MEJILLONES con SALSA di CIDRA or MUSSELS steamed in hard cider with Chorizo and peppers. At first, I did not care for the dish as the mussels seemed bland. I then figured out the secret of how to eat the dish. I took the mussels out of their shells and placed them in the small round soup spoon that Scott had brought with the dish and scooped up some of the broth with Chorizo and peppers ( a bit too much on the peppers for me) which gave each mollusk the flavor it needed as the sauce was lost if you just ate them from the shell.

A cup of superb, if not too hot coffee and I was off to La Boheme (which by the way, paled next to the matinee of Salome!).

Friday, June 19, 2009

St Louis' NICHE has never been better and rates #1 for hundreds of miles around

I returned to St. Louis for a weekend at the opera festival here, but had to add a night to dine at Niche ( where I first dined just a year ago at award winning Chef Gerard Craft's superb establishment located just south of downtown St. Louis. I had waited too long, but fell in love with every dish as soon as I took each bite. I reiterate again, there are no chefs in this city and indeed, this state that touch Chef Craft's work. Save for Chicago, perhaps not even anywhere between the two coasts! I put myself in his hands and he offered up his regular tasting menu (which changes nightly) for $65 with the wine pairings for $35. He did however, graciously, add many extra below I have starred those on the tasting menu, even though the other dishes are available a la carte.

Furthermore, I had the pleasure of sitting between a sweet couple on my left (he turned out to be a VP of Enterprise Rent A Car) and one of my all time favorite (now retired, but still teaching) coloratura sopranos Erie Mills, at the table to my right!

Just as I was sitting down, Chef Craft ran in the door and came over asking if I had started yet. I said I had just ordered some water and he apologized as he had been working at the St.Louis' Zoofari charity event, a black tie affair in 94 degree heat (which had a heat factor of 103!). Back home, no chefs would do a charity event on a weekend...but I guess St. Louis is different. Anyway, he slid into his position at the window to the kitchen and oversaw everything else that came out for the next 4+ hours that I was there!

Kudos as well to all the kind staff and especially my server Scooter, who took the time to explain each dish intricately and made sure that all those dining around me got exactly what they want with no problems each time someone requested something special!

My first dish was the HAMACHI CRUDO with Baby TOMATOES in an Herb Vinaigrette, Housemade CHIPS in SOY POWDER and Baby PURPLE BASIL that had an intense and flavorful burst. The fish was superb, the chips were so divine, I said the should package them (they gave me a small box hours later to take home some!).

*(this is the symbol to indicate tasting menu dish) Second was a CAULIFLOWER "SOUP" which was another treat coming via the whipped cream dispenser but using the creamy cauliflower soup. It becomes frothy, but not thin or weak like many of those "foam" dishes we see these days. The soup had small slices of cauliflower, a breaded soft-center deep fried QUAIL EGG floating in it and a slice of house cured GUANCIALE, simply the most perfect piece of bacon I have ever had (from the cheek). A swath of SHERRY Vinegar reduction exited the bowl on one side and some rosemary oil was added for flavor. These two courses were paired with a flavorful TERRE di GIURFO "Siliccenti" INSOLIA 2007 that I sadly never got more information about as it was quite tasty.

I requested a taste of the OCTOPUS SALAD which really was an ARUGULA Salad with small tender pieces of octopus, basil, pine nuts and large fingerling potatoes in a RAMP Vinaigrette. It was light and would indeed be a perfect summer starter for any meal. This came with an EMMOLO SAUVIGNON BLANC from Napa made by the ex-wife of the famous Caymus winery using Caymus' grapes

*Seared ESCOLAR is a huge plate of tasty fleshy fish just barely cooked and slightly warm served with SUMMER BAY SQUASH (green & yellow) as well as SQUASH BLOSSOMS and the crunchiest of PUFFED RICE over a puree of BLACK GARLIC, another perfectly created and served dish that works so brilliantly in this intense heat we have here. A CHARLES & CHARLES ROSE 2008 from Washington State was a nother ideal pairing made from 100% Syrah.

A huge SEA SCALLOP arrived veer CAULIFLOWER Puree again with the GUANCIALE, Romanesco Broccoli, Marvelous MORELS a stripe of Rhubarb puree and Micro Fennel. A perfect dish available as a main course or split as the couple next to me decided to do! Paired with a divine DAVID NOYES 2006 SONOMA PINOT NOIR, I was now in ultimate heaven (well, I had been all evening).

*Greenwood Farms BERKSHIRE PORK BELLY could be the best version of this meat I have ever had with very little fat after being smoked for 24 hours and yielding a yummy crunchy crusted top, it is served over PEA Puree with Toasted MACADAMIA Nuts. On the side was a small bunch of PEA SHOOTS with a White Chocolate Vinaigrette. Last year Chef Craft used the white chocolate on a couple of dishes and here it was again just right...not sweet, or cloyingly so, just a right touch and in the dressing with vinegar, a brilliant creation. DOMAINE GALEVAN Cotes du RHONE 2006 had a plumminess that was just perfect with the tender soft smoked pork.

I couldn't believe an extra dish arrived at this point, but it was a pasta creation that was again as novel as everything else that comes from the kitchen. FAGGATINI--small wonton-shaped pasta purses were filled with Tete de cochon (pig's head) and served in a tasty Pork DASHI Broth with pork cracklings for crunch and texture. OH WOW! The Pinot Noir stayed on as it is so great with pork.

*Strawberry-Lime Sorbet was the palate cleanser as I waited a while for my "big" meat dish to arrive. I did ask several times to slow the meal down, and Scooter got the pacing just right.

*Fruitland Farm Pasture Raised RIBEYE CAP comes from Missouri and does the state proud. The slices of steak were as tender as it gets and served on a huge plate gorgeously designed and laid out with WATERCRESS-POTATO Puree, Red Wine Ver Jus, cubes of Muscat Gelee and Pearl Onions. The BELL CLARET 2006 from Napa is 75%Cabernet, 8% Syrah and a blend of Petit Verdot, Cab Franc and the unexpectedly from Napa Malbec was a perfect pairing for the flavorful meat that I savored slowly so as not to overload. I was indeed getting full, but knew that only one small dessert was to follow and it was now after 11pm, so I could easily enjoy every bite.

*Crumble topped RHUBARB BROWN BETTY was a perfect finale and just about 5-6 bites so as not to overkill. Served with RICOTTA LEMON-THYME GELATO which deserves an award in itself and paired with a superb slightly acidic LE TERTRE du LYS d'OR 2005 Rhone Dessert wine akin to Coteau du Layon which married the rhubarb and lemon surprisingly well.

I chatted with everyone for a while, said goodbyes, and sadly departed, but with a cheese course to eat for my breakfast today which I just finished. WOW again. PETIT BASQUE, PRARIE BREEZE Cheddar and a slightly stinky but firm WINNIMERE came with a Rhubarb Compote and salty crostini which I actually would never use, but loved for breakfast! So I got one more last day's taste of NICHE which I know I will return to again and again.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I found a RELIC in Bethesda, but should it remain buried?

Last night we took Samuel and some dear friends of ours to the newest "in" spot in Bethesda. RELIC ( is a modern place that turns into a disco at 11pm nightly; no surprise there as it is clearly NOT geared for dining. The are high tables with high chairs (in a French provincial whitewash style which matches nothing and looks way out of place), many low tables of beautiful drfitwood in odd shapes with low leather and "zebra" sofas and stools and such. Our table was as crammed as it gets and narrowed oddly at my end making it difficult to find a place t put a plate or glass. The bar at the rear (which we were told is not open yet) has about 7 full fledged leather saddles around it which are meant to be stools, but you can't reach the bar from them and have no place to put your the words of Arte Johnson, "very interesting...."

The staff tries, but fell way short. They have only been open a month and have a very short wine list, so I picked a medium priced red (Eos Estate) and our server returned about 5 minutes later to say they were out of it, so I went with the Tamas Sangiovese....5 minutes later she returned with the same words. I asked which wines they DID have and she said she was sorry, but few folks order wine by the bottle and she was not familiar with the wines at all and which were out. I tried MONTECILLO 2005 Crianza from Rioja which was also served by the glass (they had to have that!?) and it was quite nice. Our server had to observe the manager open the wine as she had never done that before!
Our friend asked for iced tea; they don't have that.

We got Samuel started on a plate of superb PENNE BOLOGNESE which was no the normal intense red sauce, but a bolognese of VEAL lightened to pink with some cream; it was the best dish all night, and at the tapas size of $7 or $8, a real steal.

We chose some of the $3 hapy hour tapas options:
FROGS LEGS in SPICY GARLIC SAUCE were meaty and tasty witht he sauce almost Asian in essence; another hit for me.
LAMB MERGUEZ SAUSAGE with spicy harissa and olives was probably the biggest hit of the tapas while the CRAB CAKES which were pan seared with LEMON BEURRE BLANC also doing well.
The BEEF SLIDERS were simple with a spicy relish and sauteed onion and the POTATO CHICKPEA CAKES were uneventful and actually dry.

We went on to entrees and ordered a side tapas of th GRUILLED VEGGIES with SHERRY which was nice. It had sliced portobellos and a tiny pile of spinach that barely made a bite and a half!

The main courses we chose were the SEAFOOD SKEWERS of shrimp, tuna and salmon which Will declared as tasteless. The MIXED GRILL choice was better with a decent ROSEMARY LAMB CHOP and some mediocre diced rosemary potatoes, but highlighted by a superb Skirt STEAK and a gorgeous whole boned QUAIL. The quail was stuffed with extremely fatty bacon which we skipped, but the meats were all tasty and a sauce on the side was nice as well.

This is the place to go for a bite like at happy hour for those $3 tapas and a drink, but not really a meal if you wish to sit comfortably and dine for a while.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CORDUROY's cuisine can conquer

I am sorry you have not been hearing much from me lately. While Will is dieting (he has lost a ton!) we have been dining out a bit less....but this week we went to the new (well, almost new) CORDUROY ( 1122 9th Street, NW-(202) 589-0699) across from the Convention Center where Chef TOM POWER has opened a beautiful
space and now does not have to deal with hotel room service or such.

It is well worth the visit.

The four of us sat down to a bottle of CROZES HERMITAGE Domaines des RENIZIERRES 2005 which had some big mineral notes and was a superb aperitif due to its great taste and flavor and individuality. The wine list is not monstrous, but it is large and in depth and offers many wonderful options and novelties which we took advantage of.

Our appetizers were not as impressive as the main courses since Will really felt the OYSTERS on the HALF SHELL with CHAMPAGNE MIGNONETTE were a bit lackluster. I think that he was expecting oysters with more character; perhaps not Kumamoto, but something with excitement. We never did find out what kind they were. On the other hand the RED
SNAPPER BISQUE was divine and the appetizer portion of CRISPY SOFT SHELL CRABS with 40 YEAR OLD VINEGAR Sauce and Wilted Greens was a masterpiece. It had a small haystack of crunchy potatoes on top, and intense, but not overpowering vinegar flavor and a light lemony creamy sauce to balance. The dishes were all paired perfectly with a SANCERRE
from DELAPORTE "Cuvee Maxime" Vielles Vignes 2007 that had real character and due to the old vines lots of intensity. It's always nice to have a different type of wine that the old Sauvignon Blanc or Chard and have it really make an impression.

The main courses were all top notch with not a bite missed. Will had the SOFT SHELLS and was the envy of all after they had tasted mine. The other choices were the ROAST MUSCOVY DUCK with FIG (and Port Wine) Sauce cooked just right, as was the Pennsylvania LAMB LOIN with Garlic Crepenette and GARLIC Cream Spinach (divine). My ROAST & CONFIT GUINEA HEN with Local Baby Leeks and Shitake Mushrooms burst with flavors and many different elements making it like several different dishes that all blended together.

We had moved on to an amazing ISENHOWER SYRAH "Wild Alfalfa: 2002 from Columbia Valley Washington that was a great find as well. It was also superb with the cheeses we shared for dessert:
a salty buy wonderful runny cow--AFFIDELICE PETIT LIVAROT
a creamy firm ROBIOLA
a novel crumbly PRIMA DONNA cow
and the QUEIJO de EVORA a Portuguese sheep

One PISTACHIO BREAD PUDDING graced the table and it was a lighter version than usual, but I adored the cheese.

Our service was flawless and our sever Peter was a genius with the wines as well. Everyone at Corduroy makes your evening special and we can't wait to return!