Friday, August 26, 2016

Galillee's Magdalena will make you much more than a happy meal (8-21-16)

For our last night in the Galilee our tour guide, Amir, suggested we go to Magdalena in the small town of Migdal located just north of Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. 0or Kinneret Lake.

When we arrived shortly after 7 one other table was occupied and the huge second floor space facing out to the lake seemed to be worse than dead. We need not worry as he had chosen what they call in Israel a Chef Restaurant, which means that the chef likes to play with food and make our experience very special; I guess we would call this fine dining back home.

I chose the sea fish Sashimi to start with which turned out to be a super raw tuna with goat cheese, Mediterranean spices, red Endive and fennel fronds that was absolutely magnificent not to mention beautiful. Remember that pictures are always available for you to view on my Facebook page. Will chose Zahara which was a fried cauliflower with tahini, Curry and tomato salsa with pickled mango. 

Samuel was feeling quite full and he chose simply the tabouleh salad which turned out to be a monstrous bowl of salad that was quite heavy on the parsley side. There's no way on earth that any person could have finished it by themselves.

We had the Yatir Vineyard  viognier  a week before in Jerusalem and comes from the Negev Desert near the town of a Arad, so we chose their Rose a which was also superb. Delicious bread arrived  which had a tomato and nut spread which was also irresistible.

For the main course our guide chose a lamb Shawarma with hummus caramelized onions and pine nuts which he declared to be one of the best he has ever had. I had an extremely rich scallop risotto with fresh peas and topped with a crayfish foam with slices of black truffle that was so intense I could not finish all of the delicious arborio rice.

Will's portion of lamb stew with couscous and chickpeas had to be bigger than his entire head I think it was like an osso bucco gone bananas.

We got a kick out of this sign on the men's room where it said "men to the left because women are always right."

It was a delicious meal and boy am I glad that we had our driver to take us up the Steep hairpin curves on the Mountainside back to our hotel.