Saturday, August 13, 2016

OLLA in Eilat, Israel is just ok (8-10-16)

We had two nights in Eilat and choose what we thought was a tapas bar called Olla very close to the beach and hotel zone. On arrival we were greeted warmly seated at a very nice table and Will and I both received a shot of some kind of liquor that had a wonderful cinnamon herby flavor.

The men you seem to be more meat based and less stop us but we were happy with the choices.

The fried  crunchy cauliflower appetizer came with grilled tomato salsa that was nice and a lemon tahina that was out of this world.  Samuel chose a nice focaccia which had a salsa as well as a garlic aioli that he loved. The fish ceviche was also excellent and came on a crostini with salsa chili and a beetroot cream as well as avocado.

The red wine we chose was a Barkan 2011 Assemblage that was really amazing.

It was perfect with my beef fillet on a bed of potatoes with truffle parade in a red wine beef stock which had candied jalapeno marmalade and mustard on the side.

Will fared a little less well with a poultry scallopini that have potato truffle puree,  and while Samuel loved his pappardelle with beef ragu and portabella mushrooms some of the meat was a bit grisly.

We weren't thrilled but we weren't disappointed and headed off without dessert as we had a full day planned going to Petra in Jordan the next day.