Friday, August 26, 2016

Jersualem's 1868 offers a kosher setting with local cuisine and much more, but doesn't follow through (8-18-16)

Well we may have done that a 1868 which is a beautiful 150 year old building in Jerusalem only a couple of doors down from the Waldorf Astoria the special event this night was meeting my best friend from childhood Adina Singer who I had not seen in 40 years,  since I was a student at the Hebrew University in my junior year abroad when her father was the Dean of Foreign students. Indeed Adina and her family lived across the street from us when I was a little boy and her father was out rabbi.

She came with her husband and son who is now 29 years old, what a shock is that for me. It was a wonderful reunion and a moving evening and the 6 of us had a wonderful dinner.

Please remember that photos are always available on my Facebook page and can be most enjoyable especially the beautiful tree that arrived with olives spiced cookies salted Marzipan meringue and so much more.

 we had an amazing white wine to start that was called Lagat Lavan (that's white In Hebrew) on that was 70% Marsanne  and 30% Viognier,  and it was such a hit we had to order more.

I started with a tuna tartar which had.lome, seared watermelon basil and ponzu that was out of this world. 

Will have a starter of green and white asparagus with Apple hollandaise, duck prosciutto and quail egg. Samuel gobbled up his veal tortellini starter and then I went on to main courses of duck breast with Asian eggplant plum cream, Shitake Mushroom broth and more for me and burgers for Will and Sam.

 Sadly Will's burger didn't seem to arrive for about 20 minutes and then when it did it was row so we actually got it for free but it was a real pain in the neck. It was a mild floor but it really wreck the meal. Our wine was Bat shlomo Betty's Cuvee 2013 which was an amazing spectacular blend of Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc and petite verdot.

Desserts work coconut milk vanilla and rum Magnum with pineapple, lemon verbena and black sesame cake which we could not resist as well as forest of fruit cake which was walnut and plum