Tuesday, August 20, 2013

when in Sevilla, Spain hed right to LAS LAPAS for terrific tapas(8-17-13)

Our first stop back in Spain was Cadiz, and we hired a guide to take seven of us from the ship on the 80 minute drive to Sevilla (Seville) for a full day of intense walking, touring, sightseeing and yes, eating.
Alvaro suggested an adorable, if empty spot in the old told called LAS LAPAS at Calle San Gregorio 6 and it was a super hit will all of us, even the hard to please Samuel, and one of us who is allergic to all fish.
We asked Alvaro for his suggestions and all were superb and we shared everything and many enjoyed local beers while I tried both the white (Rueda Verdejo) and red (Alcorta Crianza 2009) by the glass.
We saw the huge hoofed pig leg near us and had to try the infamous JAMON BELLOTA which is rated 5 stars locally and was really flavorful and spectacular. For those of you who don't know these black pigs are fed only acorns to make their "prosicutto" style sliced ham so great.
Another hit was the SALMOREJO, a local thick cold gazpacho soup that has jamon and egg sprinkled on top. On a 100 degree day as it was, this was a big pleaser.
CARNE MECHADA is simple sliced cold veal loin seasoned with sea salt for flavor, and another great hot day dish.
Samuel and Zach (our non-fish eater) tried the Montadito Juvenil, a superb chicken breast sandwich with an aioli mayo.
CHIPIRON a la PLANCHA were tasty grilled squids in a terrific garlic seasoned butter sauce with carrots, peas, and potatoes. The grilling made these perfectly crunchy for even more fun.
LANGOSTINOS con BACON were small slices of huge langostinos wrapped in tasty bacon....hor's d'oevres gone wild.
We also had olives which were gone in minutes as they are all local and so flavorful, as well as wonderful bread from the oven and cute little packages of crispy pointy crackers called picos. Think mini-breadsticks, but better.
ESPINACAS con GARBANZOS was such a flavorful spinach and chick pea dish that we ordered a second plate, this was a no brainer.
Finally SALOMILLO al WHISKY was a hot plate of sirloin steak having been marinated in whiskey, then sliced rare and served simply with french fries.
Sam loved this, as we al did, and discovered the new flavors of the Jamon Bellota as well to his liking.
A great lunch finished with super coffees and back on tour.