Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Cesta Tenda-A taberno do Bispo in Santiago de Compostela is terrific for Tapas (8-13-13)

Our first lunch offshore was in the gorgeous pilgrimage town of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. As the capital of Galicia it is called the tapas capital of the world and rightfully so. Located in the heart of the old town at Rua Franco no. 52 Bajo (www.acestatenda.com) was a hit with the whole family.
I enjoyed Ribeiro de la Casa, the house white for under 2euros per glass and it was superb. Will had Estrella Galicia, the local beer.
We all enjoyed the rich Croqutas de Jamon (ham croquettes), the egg-based
Tortilla de Queso oozing the cheese from its center, the local bread with tomato and olive oil and a plate of fried oiled and salted local peppers of which about a dozen of the three dozen peppers were really hot. Samuel kept trying to find the non-spicy ones and did a dance each time he got all hot spice in his mouth.
Anchoas en vinaigre were fresh local anchovies and the PULPO was the richest octopus dusted with cayenne and served with scalloped potatoes with mayonnaise.
We really did not need the plate of tasty BACALAO local cod sauteed with rice and veggies.
The local cheeses included a brie-like plain simple cream as well as Sant Simon, Tetilla (named as it is shaped like a tit), Manchego and Azzura local blue. All were great but this meal was oh so huge we shall have to be more careful when ordering ashore!