Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brighton's Bistro du Vin show bright spots (8-9-13)

Our last night in the UK before setting sail for Brugge, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar was at our Brighton Hotel du Vin with Will's brother and brother-in-law.
The drinks here are fun from Hibiscus Old Fashioned (very sweet) to Pomegranate Lime Fizz (with vodka) and El Chupa Cabra with Reposada Tequila, Lime, agave, ginger ale and blackberry liquer.
The sommeileuse Martina was from Poland and suggested a bright and brilliant Vignadi Gabri Contessa Estellina 2011 made from Donnafugata varietal that had a creamy citrus essence.
Samuel declared his Rack of Lamb with Watercress and Confit Tomato too fatty, but nobody on the staff seemed to care. Not a good sign.
The Caprese Salads exhibited superb local Heritage Tomatoes, Laverstoke Farm Buffalo Mozzarella and aged Balsamic, although we had to ask for more as it seemed to be missing when the salads arrived.
Salad Nicoise came with red King Edward Heritage Potatoes.
The Roast Goosnargh Duck Breast here was another hit with Picked Red Cabbage and Caramelised Apples & Pears, perhaps a bit heavy for summer, but still superb.
Grilled Sea Bream was fresh and light and the Tortellini with White Cheddar and Onions a veggie dish with flair. Sides of Wilted Spinach, Buttered Potatoes and Carrots were nice.
Rose Veal Schnitzel was another nice and simple dish.
Matthias was a treat and so were the cheeses he brought including:
Oxford Isis
LittleWallop-a goat with chestnut leave rind
Blackstock(sp?) English Blue
Fourne d'Ambert(Matthias wanted me to compare the UK & French blues)
Gratte Paille
A glass of Warre's 1996 Cavadinha Port was perfect.
The dessert folks enjoyed Apple Tarte Tatin with Creme Normande
Pineapple Carpaccio with Melon Sorbet & Coconut Sabayon and
Samuel gobbled up yet another Hot Chocolate Fondant with Hazelnut Ice Cream.
Overall it was not bad, we were just upset with the failure to fix the fatty lamb.