Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When in Whitehorse, hit the KLONDIKE RIB & SALMON (7-17-12)

Tonight we have a buffet supper at the hotel for a farewell dinner, so we chose the most fun place in all the Yukon last night and headed across the street with our new friends Gwyn & Sandy to the cool and cooky KLONDIKE RIB & SALMON ( As the largest city in the Yukon Territory, Whitehorse has more dining options than anywhere else, but most are pretty sad as you can guess. We arrived and we met Emily at the door who said the wait was about 20 minutes, but in all honesty probably 30. Our faces dropped and Sam ran up to her asking if she could do it more quickly. There was no bar to get a drink and it was wet, chilly and clammy out. She suggested we head to our hotel bar, but to check back in 15 minutes. Well, 17 minutes later we were seated in a "tent" with walls and decor that simply can't be described. Old books, photos and green and white checker tablecloths are found here with Mason jars used for glasses (I hate those things on the rims when drinking wine!).
Our server Holly was a hoot as we all introduced ourselves and she made a point of saying, "Alan.....this or that" whenever we had a comment or question.
Copper Moon Shiraz N/V from somewhere in Canada was the only red choice that was full bodied, and it was decent, especially with the BBQ house specials.
Gwyn & Sandy split the HUGE "Simply Sensational Stampede Spinach Salad" with fetam red onion, dried cranberries, golden raisins, cashews, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with raspberry vinaigrette. Sam discovered he likes spinach a bit now, but feta alot.
Will and I split two starters:
KLONDIKE CAKES made from 3 "full body" prawns with cheese, spicy aioli and a small arugula salad which were tasty and filling.
KIKACCIO-Klondike style ELK CARPACCIO which was thick and rich tenderloin with herbs, spices, capers, parmesan, red onion, earthy yet subtle truffle oil and the subtitle "GET WILD" and we did.

Sam's entree was Smoked Alberta PRIME RIB with Klondike Fries. It came with Chili butter, but he skipped that and gobbled up most of the most.
Sandy had the North American 8 ounce BISON RIBEYE STEAK with Wildberry Sage Reduction that was tender and tasty.
Gwyn, Will and I all overindulged with the HOUSE SPECIAL-RIBS & SALMON comprised of Two "divine" BBQ salmon skewers and 1/2 rack of pork ribs. The salmon was tasty and the rib meat fell off but was moist and tender. It was nearly impossible to finish the huge platter which comes with oven roasted veggies and a choice of fries, rice or super garlic mashed potatoes. Every dish comes with a monstrous piece of wonderful rosemary focaccia, which we wrapped up and ate today for breakfast!
The place was noisy and the music was even worse, but we had tons of fun and met the owner Dona who invited Gwyn and Sandy to come next February for the Yukon Quest, similar to the Iditerod, as volunteers and they immediately agreed!
I know they'll be eating here again soon!
Next stop-Vancouver Island.