Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's up Tok?: FAST EDDIE'S -a find in the AlaskanWilderness (7-14-12)

Our final night in Alaska was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of Fairbanks
halfway to the Canadian border in the east. The population of TOK
(sounds like Coke) is in the hundreds and the dining options are few.
The restaurants aren't even open most of the year as the temps drop to
40 below or more much of the winter. We had heard about FAST EDDIE's
from many other Sourdoughs (that's what they call the locals) and got
quite excited about this place a mile or so from our hotel (we were in
the center of town, and Fast Eddie's is on the outskirts!). There's
only a couple of roads here, but everything crosses the Alaska
Highway, so you can't miss it.

We invited two women we met on the cruise and have been with us on
this post-tour. While Fast Eddie's has a huge menu with many local
specialties and a pretty good salad bar, Samuel had his heart set on
the pizza. He split a 12 piece 15" medium size with Gwyn and while his
half was plain hers was Hawaiian with ham and pineapple.
The rest of us headed to the salad bar where you can fill a huge plate
with tons of yummies for $8.50.
We saw that they had Apothic Red on the menu which we loved several
nights earlier, but the server came back to say they were out. We
chose the CLINE Cashmere 2010 instead as I know the winery and it's
pretty decent. This Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah blend was smooth and
Then came the burgers:
Will went with the BACON SWISS Gourmet (the Gourmets come on a hoagie
bun instead) and Sandy went for the CALIFORNIA with avocado, Swiss &
Sprouts. My PEPPER JACK came on a sesame bun and was perfectly cooked
and more than a meal with the accompanying Seasoned CURLY FRIES.
We were all stuffed and while I am pretty confident I will never head
back to Tok again, we knew we had the best meal in town. If you go, be
sure to wear GOOD mosquito repellent as this town is one of the worst
I have been to in Alaska, and they don't seem to have a way to keep
them out of the dining room either!