Monday, July 16, 2012

Belinda's at the Westmark Inn in Dawson City does cope(7-16-12)

Our first stop across the Canadian border was in Dawson City in the Yukon Territory famous for its 19th century gold rush and now a quaint tourist attraction for the most part. Dining options here number more than a dozen, but we were quite tired and chose BELINDA's in our hotel, The Westmark Inn.

It was decent, and there were some good and bad points.

I asked our server, Kevin, a student from Toronto, if the Elk Stew was good and he said they would not let him taste it: not a good sign. We saw our friends Gwyn and Sandy and they raved about the ARTICHOKE & TOMATO SALAD and it was great; big enough for Will and me to split and it came with a "pesto" dressing yellow and red tomatoes, piles of artichoke hearts and a sprinkle of chopped pistachio nuts with a slice of crunchy pancetta.

Sam gobbled up the Greek Salad, but asked to cut the onions and feta making it basically tomato, olives and cucumber. His Shirley Temple was indeed a presentation, but I was quite shocked at the $5.25(Canadian) price tag!
Our bottle of PELLER ESTATES Proprietor's Reserve N/V Chardonnay was much better priced and super dry with nice crispness for an Ontario wine.

Sam's main course was the VEAL SCALLOPINE with Marsala Cream Sauce which he liked, to our surprise. It came with several choices and he went for rice and veggies, but ate mostly the meat which had two slices, one a bit tough sadly.

Will's Baked ARCTIC Char came from the Yukon and nearby Arctic Ocean and was served with herbs and a butter gremolata. My dish was the hit. The special of the day was the same YUKON ARCTIC CHAR with Tomato Risotto which was very well done and super-lemony, but quite a delightfully good surprise.

Will tried the TIRAMISU for dessert which Samuel discovered he now loves and it was pretty good save for the hard a rock biscotti-like lady finger poked into it.

All in all, not gourmet, but not bad either. We walked by our dinner spot chosen for tomorrow afterwards and KLONDIKE KATE's look like it may be a miner's find with meat eating delights in the Yukon.