Friday, July 27, 2012

the PEAR TREE in suburban Vancouver is indeed a perfect tradition(7-25-12)

Our final night in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as out last

night of a month-long journey was indeed the perfect choice and oh so

traditional, yet oh so, local.

The PEAR TREE ( is about 10 minutes (with

no traffic) from downtown Vancouver in the first eastern suburb of


It has been run by the delightful husband and wife team of Scott &

Stephanie Jaeger for well over a decade and has become an intimate

institution. The small well appointed dining room holds only about

twelve tables and it is quiet and relaxed with top notch service. It

was indeed a welcome change after several meals in quite noisy


Samuel perused the drink menu and chose the FIREBOLT made from Coke,

Lime & Grenadine declaring it tasted like a Coke as we enjoyed a

divine bottle of SILKSCARF Unoaked Chardonnay from BC's now-well-loved-

by-us Okanagan Valley which had huge melon overtones (think casaba) as

well as rich peachy flavors. You really get so much fruit when the

wine is unoaked in these northern climes.

Warm house baked brioche bread was a treat, as was the tasty butter.

Samuel started with a super CAESAR salad and now loves Romaine while

Will had a tasty Local PRAWN CAPPUCCINO which was a light bisque with

foam with a Dashi Custard of BC Prawns. My Orange Caramelized SCALLOPS

with Double Smoked BACON RISOTTO was indeed rich, but of top quality

and perfectly cooked to boot; a perfect pairing with the chardonnay as


Wine number two was the same vineyard SILKSCARF, but their 2008 SHIRAZ/

Viognier which was a soft Syrah and a perfect blend for out meat


My Twice Cooked "Berkshire" PORK BELLY had virtually NO fat and was

crispy, crunchy divine. It came with SPOT PRAWN & TOMATO Cassoulet

made from the tiniest of flageolet beans with a dollop of eggplant


Will had the Braised "Peace River" LAMB SHANK which was boneless with

seared SCALLOPS & Roasted Pear RISOTTO--again the cooking here uses

the best of local ingredients in a classic style, yet with great flair

and taste.

Samuel chose the Slow Poached "Maple Hills" CHICKEN BREAST & BRAISED

LEG but insisted no mushrooms (honchu--we asked to have these on the

side for us!) and the sauce on the side which was a light Blanquette

which he chose not to use. A yummy POTATO ROSTI occupied the center of

the plate and Stephanie even brought over some tasty "chicken

chips" (think shrimp chips from a Chinese restaurant, but with chicken

instead). She also brought out an extra veggie pate of Sauteed PEA

SHOOTS which I know Samuel loves, but he would have none of--we ate

them all.

Dessert here was a treat and I could not resist. Will had the Fresh

LEMON TART with Sour Cream Sorbet and I had a light yet fruit-filled

BC FRUIT SOUP with fresh Pavlova (Meringue cap) and Strawberry/rhubarb

sorbet. The soup was loaded with black currents, blackberries,

raspberries, cherries, strawberries and I think blueberries....a real

treat. Samuel chose the PEAR SORBET and was so enthralled asked for


I mentioned to Stephanie that I often like cheese, but did not want to

indulge and also chose the Fruit Soup as it was so local and the

cheeses were French. She whisked out a plate with "frill-curled" TETE

DE MOINS, fruit crisps and fresh pear slices in a mini-cheese course,

and I was in heaven.

Dinner was completed with creamy/crispy HAZELNUT MACAROONS and we

headed back to our hotel fully knowing that we had indeed saved the

best for last on this long journey. On the way out we had the

pleasure of meeting Chef Scott, a participant in the world famous

Bocuse d'Or competition in 2007 as well as a winner of oh so many

awards in BC and Canada for his expertise in the kitchen. He is a

quiet, unassuming guy and it shows in his quiet, unassuming

restaurant; a gem of a find not to be missed.