Saturday, April 07, 2007

ROSA MEXICANA rises to religion--or Passover paradise in NYC

I just wanted to tell all of you how surprised I was last night when I joined some friends before the opera for dinner at ROSA MEXICANA here in NYC across the street from Lincoln Center. We have always enjoyed the food there, and since I try not to eat bread, pastas, etc during Passover, I fully expected to be eating their excellent RARE SPICY TUNY SALAD. I was wrong. We were treated to a full Passover "style" menu with about 4 entrees and I was thrilled.

I started with some guacamole (always a treat) and a tasty (if too small and full of too much ice) margarita. The CEVICHE de ATUN con CAMARONES was a spicy concoction in citrus that was superb. Piles of raw tuna and several huge shrimp made it a huge portion, something that Rosa Mexicana is known for.

For my entree I was thoroughly amazed by the tender superb LANGUA de RES a la VERACRUZANA, four thick tender chunks of veal tongue in the traditional sauce of olives and peppers and served with MATZO-POTATO CHIVE FRITTERS. It could not have been more perfect and accompanied by a glass of SNOWQUALMIE SYRAH from Washington State, I was simply in heaven. Other folks had the huge Passover half chicken (enough for TWO people) and there was even a Jalapeno Maztah Ball Soup!

Alas, the portion was too huge for me to even think about dessert, and yes they even had a Passover "style" dessert to boot! WHAT A PASSOVER TREAT!