Wednesday, April 25, 2007

dispelling rumors on Vienna and the COFFEE and COFFEHOUSES

I have heard that some of my remarks such as "I made it back to my hotel safely" sound like the streets of Vienna may not be SAFE. Absolutely NOT!

Indeed, I don't think you would feel or be safer anywhere else in Europe! The Austrians are some of the friendliest and most helpful people on earth. I merely meant that I got home okay because I had so much to eat and drink, I thought I might just fall asleep somewhere!

I also failed to mention one small but IMPRESSIVE thing about Vienna and Austria; THE COFFEE. I adore MELANGE, the Austrian version of Cappuccino which I had tried to have at least once or twice daily. One morning the temperature was a gorgeous 65degrees by 11am and I ventured across the street from the IMPERIAL Hotel to the Cafe SCHWARTZENBURG on the Ring. I sat in the warm sun and savored my creamy melange as folks passed by and I pretended to be a local. I also had a delicious plate of Apricot Pancakes a true local delight of homemade crepes filled with the Austrian apricot marmalade (not sour, but sweet) found everywhere. These MARIELLNMARMELADE PALITSCHENKEN were sublime. I will miss Austria and Vienna very much, this was my fourth visit to the city since I first went in the 70's! I have been to Austria numerous other times to various cities such as Salzburg & Bregenz, and am always thrilled to go back again. hopefully it will be VERY soon.