Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's AUSTRIAN in the AIR (my flight to Vienna)

I have to write about AUSTRIAN AIRLINES new transatlantic concept of a chef on board. Their service is exquisite and my dinner last night was superb. We were served Le BORGATE PROSECCO to start and then a small amuse of smoked salmon came as we got the good stuff in the air--DUVAL-LEROY FLEUR de CHAMPAGNE of my favorite brands these days of bubbly.

First came PRAWNS "Louis Armstrong" consisting of three huge juicy chilled shrimp over a tasty remoulade with a small salad on the side. It went nicely with the 2006 WELCHRIESLING STEIRISCHE KLASSIK from Polz Erich & Walter Polz which had tons of fruit flavors but was a as dry as could be. The wine went even better with what had to be the BEST SOUP ever served in the air..a CREAM OF PUMPKIN with toasted pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of tasty pumpkin oil.

The entree was a FILET of BEEF with GRILLED VEGETABLES and BAKED POTATO. The latter was not microwaved and served in foil to prove it with a little dab or sour cream. The filet was just past medium rare (pretty amazing for a plane) and had a little gob of tasty herb butter on top. The 2005 ZANTHO ZWEIGELT from Peck &Umathum was really great, but not big enough for the filet, so I switched to an unexciting 2003 TOSCANA from Villa Antinori.

Dessert was a wonderful local AUSTRIAN APRICOT CREPE (Wachauer Marillenpalatschinken) served with Warm Chocolate Sauce and a small glass of mild yet tasty GRAPPI di CHARDONNAY got me to sleep just as the showing of the move (The Queen) ended.

I can't wait to see what they serve on the way back, but tonight I'm off to 1 Michelin starred STIERERECK, my favorite restaurant in Austria!