Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alexandria's BIRCHMERE

Last night I was invited to a cabaret performance by opera soprano, Patricia Racette, at the BIRCHMERE in northern Alexandria, which is a venue for many performers from all over and is somewhat akin to dinner theater in its arrangement (although the servers do NOT perform). I am writing about this as we were mightily impressed by the quality of the food and the friendliness of the service (despite the fact that they were serving HUNDREDS of people multiple food options quite quickly). We shared an order of CHICKEN TENDERS that was HUGE and the meat was top quality breast, juicy and tender with a truly wonderful crispy batter and a yummy Honey-Dijon slightly peppery dipping sauce. These came in a basket loaded with some of the best potato chips around. It was hard to decide what to order as we saw many of the dishes all around us arriving, so I chose the tasty BBQ BRISKET which also came with a pile of chips and cole slaw on the side and was smothered in slightly spicy bbq sauce with sauteed onions therein. The CATFISH
PO'BOY was at least a 9 inch long piece of wonderfully battered and fried (these guys KNOW how to batter and fry!) CATSFISH and had no sliminess or slipperiness as catfish often can. It was in a huge roll with a nice remoulade on the side.

The only unexciting thing was the CHEESECAKE for dessert which came quite frozen to our table.

PS-the performance was spectacular as well!