Sunday, January 24, 2016

Porchetta and Co. in Toronto gets pure praise (1-23-16)

Since my opera was a 6 hour marathon at 630pm, I decided to indulge in a large filling lunch at about 3pm and chose Porchetta & Co( which gets huge raves on it's one offering PORCHETTA. The original location was about a 30 minute walk from my hotel and I decided to walk through the shops and stores of Chinatown, which got my mouth watering to begin with. Once there, the choices were simple, the meat with toppings and sides, or a sandwich. The special of the day was a sandwich with porchetta, cracklings, parmesan, mustard, hot sauce and truffle butter on a large roll. I settled into one of the 3 seats at the window, as this is primarily a take-out place, and indulged. The crunchy bites of crackling confused me at first as I thought it was a small bone, but I remembered that is the secret to this success sandwich and boy was it an amazing success. The sauces all combined for awesome flavors bursting in my mouth and when I finally left I was quite satisfied and then not full later when I arrived at the opera. A brilliant idea. On my departure, I asked if there were other locations and they said one had just opened downtown, about 6 blocks from my hotel. Well, at least I got some exercise!