Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mexican lunches are lovely at San Miguel de Allende's HECHO in MEXICO and Bernal's EL MEZQUITE (1-3,4-16)

During our several days in San Miguel we had huge breakfasts, but there was always time for lunch (or a churro with cajeta..or chips with salsa on the go) when touring.
One lunch at the very American HECHO IN MEXICO  had chips and salsas on the table as we sat down and we always love to compare the salsas. Here the green was milder and creamier, while the red was smoky and intense. Samuel tried Chicken Fajitas with guacamole and French Fries; how Tex-Mex is that! Will (along with our guide Aaron) always went for the filling and tasty Sopa de Tortilla made with Gouda cheese, chipotle, avocado and chicken. Aaron was hungry and also ordered Fish & Chips, the quintessential Mexican dish served with Malt Vinegar of course (Aaron seemed clueless what it was for, but we quickly explained).
My Cochinita Pibil was a superb pile of slow roasted pork with achiote/habanero sauce, grilled Nopal Cactus and a tasty Jicama salad that cut the chili spice. Toritllas are always served fresh on the side for making a wrap, but I needed to cut back on the carbs at some point.

The next day took us to the small adorable town of Bernal, where I am sure we bought everything in sight from leather to pottery to wool to ponchos. Bernal is renowned for having the third largest free standing monolith on earth, only Gibraltar and Corcovado (in Rio) surpass, so our table at EL MEZQUITE had a clear view right to this monstrous rock, called Pena de Bernal.
As we sat salsas arrived with pickled vegetables (carrots, chilis, nopal cactus and more) as well as chicharrons to dip in the salsa. Sam went plain with Cheese Quesadillas and Guacamole, Will went for a soup, here Sopa de Albondigas with Chipotle, Avocado and Meatballs. I have come to love the salted beef called Cecina, which I ate for lunch and often had with eggs and salsa for breakfast. Here the Cecina Fresca was a huge slab of beef with enchiladas huastecas (local cheese filled with salsa) and a side of salad as well as refried beans. Full? YES!