Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MOMOFUKU DAISHO does delicious tastes in Toronto (1-24-16)

While I have been to the Momofuku in Philadelphia, I was not overwhelmed. On the suggestion of the Sales Manager at the magnificent Shangri-La Hotel where I was staying, I did go to Momofuku in Toronto, which indeed is located in the Shangri-La Hotel complex. The huge 3+ story complex has a noddle bar on the ground floor, a milk bar on the middle floor, and Daisho Restaurant on the top floor as well as a tasting room separate dining option on Tuesday-Saturday.
As I went on Sunday, I was limited to the noddle bar or Daisho, which I chose.
Daisho has about 10-20 tables with a rear room as well with more tables. The front room set several stories high overlooks University Avenue and the Performing Arts Complex across the street in a most impressive setting. There is an awesome high ceiling with the Momofuku logo handing high above, wooden floors and tables and low humdrum music that I could have lived without. I did love the large Japanese drum-like lights that hung above the bar at the rear.
The menu is not huge, but there were so many items I couldn't decide. My server Jordan was very helpful saying that I should do a side veggie rather than a pasta as they tend to be heavy.
I started by ordering a bottle of Ginjo Nama sake from Izumi "Nama-Nama" actually made in Toronto, already a good start of the local ingredients with the Japanese ideas. The cherry blossom aroma with hints of cantaloupe and apple were superb and it was bone dry. Oysters arrived with a dash of cucumber and Kimchi which I adored. Three were Beau Soleil from New Brunswick, 3 from Raspberry Point in Prince Edward Islands which was a new type for me and a great trat as they were both superb!
Secreto Ssam was a Kunan Farm, Ontario pork roasted with apple xo(A Hong Kong style sauce), and served with Mustard & mayo sauces with Bibb lettuce to make individual wraps that were brilliantly excellent due to the amazing quality of the meat and the exciting sauces. My veggie side was Cauliflower Bhaji which had a nice spice to it from lime, pickle, green chile vinegar and cilantro. Later I found there was also cumin, fennel, shaved onions and parsley all with the cauliflower cooked in a fried chick pea batter that was divine. A glass of Stanners Cabernet Franc from Ontario was a nice pairing as well.

For dessert, it seemed Jordan had left and Monica took over and I was happy with a small bowl of Cranberry Sorbet with crunchy rice-Masago which was a nice refresher. My dessert was Warm Date Cake with Butterscotch Maple Ice Cream (from Quebec, the maple syrup that is) as well as Five Spice Sauce and pickled and candied Walnuts. It was a superb dish loaded with spices and flavors and the ice cream was a gem to cut the spice and maple flavor oh so local. I was a very happy camper as I headed back to my room to finish