Sunday, January 24, 2016

Origin's awesome bravado brunch in Toronto(1-14-16)

Last year after Die Walkure, I had the pleasure of taking Brunnhilde to brunch, and this year we returned to Origin( as we loved it so much, and were joined by her father, the Wanderer or Wotan in this year's Siegfried. I remembered the brunch special drink called TBD(the brunch drink;to be determined) which was Sangria which I passed on for a margarita with a chili-salt rim hoping the heat would warm me up from the 20degree temps.
Our goddess chose the Palominosa with ru by red grapefruit juice, tequila and prosecco which I would have had were it not for the statins.
We shared a plate of yummy Deviled Eggs with Souffletine(crispy puffed rice), herbs and smoked bacon which were delish (but not as good as the ones back home at Dino's)
Both gods chose the Fried Rice(crispy)& Pork Belly & Crispy Eggs with Ginger, soy and chilies. The food had great spice and flavor as did my Short Rib Hash with BĂ©arnaise, Jus of rich marrow(it had to be reduced for days), Poached Egg & Buttermilk Onion Rings....can't resist onion rings.
Our server Lance was super and even though it took a time for the food to come we were having an awesome time it did not matter.
Brunnhilde plans to return there keep your eyes open for a god-spotting.