Thursday, May 28, 2015

208 Talbot Is A Treat (2nd report from Will in St. Michael's, MD-5-27-15)

For my second and last night in St Michael's I went for dinner across the street from my hotel at a restaurant called 208 Talbot (the street address). This place had a more casual feel to it, but there were people in there with shorts and flip flops on. Come on folks !!!! Yes it's warm but it's dinner time and this is not McDonalds. I do not need to see your nasty feet while I am eating. 
      Anyhooooo, my server, Holly was great !! I decided that as I am on the bay I should only eat seafood that night. She threw some great ideas at me. I decided on a bottle of Barnard Griffin Sangiovese Rose to go with my meal. There were lovely hints of mixed berries in the wine and it also had a bit more body than your average Rose.
       When the bread was brought to the table I was very happy as it was warm ciabatta bread, one of my favorites and the slightly salty butter melted on it perfectly. Far better bread than the night before. For my appetizer, I had the Crab Spring Rolls with jumbo lump crab, julienne carrots, cabbage and shiitake mushrooms inside. The rolls were served over a bed of seaweed. While tasty, I think there may have been about 3 flakes of crab in the whole thing. A bit disappointing, but the best was yet to come.
       For my main course I ordered the Soft Shells (yes again), which were slightly dusted with something or other, but who cared !! They were HUGE and juicy. The best soft shells I have had in a long time. They were served over fingerling potatoes, diced petite green beans and a sweetcorn butter sauce. To me it was heaven on a plate. So glad I decided to double dip on the soft shells for this trip :-)
        The dessert menu was a bit boring, but in the end I ordered Mixed Berries with a Pomegranate cream. It was a perfect ending, but then Holly brought me over some of their home made Roasted Pecan Ice Cream. WOW !!! It was sooooo good. 
         While this wasn't the cheapest place either, it was much more reasonable than the night before. This has been a couple of great nights here in St Michael's but now it's time to get back home to DC. I miss my boys.