Thursday, May 28, 2015

The stars are very expensive at Stars restaurant at the Inn At Perry Cabin in St. Michael's, MD (5-26-15)by Will Stevenson

This is Alan's husband, Will. I have been lucky enough to spend a couple of days in St Michael's in Maryland and have been eating up a storm. I will be reviewing 2 restaurants for you during this time. Here is the first one.

When I first arrived at the restaurant I was sat at a window table which is what I had requested in my reservation. The view of the bay is lovely and very calming. Sadly the prices on the menu were not so calming. I opted for the 5 course tasting menu (with accompanying wines) which looked delicious. I am not a big fan of scallops, which was one of the courses but I figured I would give it a go. My server, Terry was superb. He told me that they had a special of soft shell crabs. I explained to him that I loved soft shells but I really wanted the tasting menu. As if reading my mind, he asked if I would still like to do the tasting menu, but substitute that scallop for the soft shells. Hooooray. I noticed that he always called me by my name, not sir, which I liked a lot. "Sir" was my father, lol. 
     First thing to come was a refreshing vodka and tonic and some cheese bread. The bread was rather dry, but I opted out of adding butter to it. The amuse was roasted cantaloupe and cashews in a balsamic vinaigrette. It was served on a deep spoon that was very awkward to use. I felt like a dog trying to lap it up with my tongue. In the end I gave in and used my fork. It was a tasty little morsel and a good start. 
       Next came Fried Green Tomato And Crab Salad. This was very refreshing except for the fact that both the salad (in a mayonnaise) and the remoulade were very creamy, so were a little greasy on the tongue. The great thing was that the Sparkling Rose, Jansz from Tasmania washed it down beautifully with it's fresh but tart dried strawberry taste.
       Next up was the Soft Shell Crab in a mustard sauce, with grits and french beans. The crab was small, juicy and perfectly tasty as were the french beans. The cheddar grits were a bit heavy, so I only ate half of them. This came with a Kerner, Abbaziadi Novacella from Italy. It was my least favorite wine of the evening. I have very strange taste descriptions when it comes to wine. To me it tasted like a very basic table white with that wet cardboard taste. 
         Course number 3 was, Goat Cheese Canelloni, with wilted spinach, toasted almonds and brown butter. This yummy dish made you crave for the Fall. So warm and cozy tasting (if there is such a thing). The brown butter was melt in your mouth. As a treat, Terry brought me an extra wine to try with the listed wine, but the second I saw it was Semillion I said, thanks but no thanks. The wine with this course was a Vincent Delaporte, Sancerre. It was heavy on the citrus but worked very well with the dish. Probably my favorite pairing of the night.
    Next was the Steak Diane with smashed truffled mashed potatoes, and braised kalettes. The steak itself was perfect tasting size (it looked like a Salisbury Steak, lol). It was tender and perfectly cooked. Potatoes were to die for as were the kalettes (still not sure what they were, but who cares). The gravy was so delicious that I mopped it up with my last bit of cheese bread. It all came with a Chateau Montelena Cab...all I can say about that is, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 
       Last up was the Chocolate Decadence with a bijou coulis. It was certainly decadent and thank heavens it was small. Very rich, but very yummy. It was paired with Graham's Six Grapes dessert wine, which worked nicely with it. Afterward I was given a few chocolate treats and then I was on my way to bed. Very full !! 
        The cost of the meal was $130. I would expect this price from a Michelin starred restaurant, but not here. I did give Terry a hefty tip as he had been awesome. Next up tomorrow (now tonight) is 208 Talbot. Don't think I will eat as much there, lol.