Saturday, May 09, 2015

Ft. Worth's REATA ropes you in and fills you up (5-3-15)

After the opera in Ft. Worth on Sunday, four of us headed to REATA, which I have always adored, but the food is so big and so heavy, that it is not a great pre-opera dining spot. Luckily there was only a Sunday matinee and we all some free evening time to be with friends.
We gobbled up the amazing homemade biscuits with pecans and shmeared them with the pop in your mouth spicy chili butter.....
We shared two appetizers which were enough to feed five people:
Tenderloin Tamales with Pecan Mash and a superb salsa
and Jalapeno & Cheese Elk Sausages which came with grits.
A creamy rich Becker Vineyards 2013 Viognier from Texas was quite impressive for all of us, even the Texans. I told our server Jodi that if it was bad, I was not going to drink it, but she seemed quite confident, and rightly so. For the red we were considering a huge Spanish Priotat, but the sommelier came over and suggested an awesome 1999 Faustino I Gran Reserva Rioja which totally blew us all away and fits so well with these huge dishes:
Carne Asada & Enchilada--probably the best anywhere.
A simple lettuce wedge for one of us that was bigger than my head and my
Chili Dusted Smoked Texas Quail with Chimichurri Drizzle, Jalapeno Cheddar Grits and Flash Fried Spinach which was bit too greasy..the only fault all night.
We couldn't even think of dessert, but I ordered a Cherry Vodka Limeade that was so sour it was really vile...we all tasted it and giggled before we rolled home.