Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AL DENTE always a treat (less so with 6 twelve-year olds) or Samuel's super celebration (6-14-15)

Samuel decided he wanted a birthday dinner with some of his best friends and what better a place to choose than Roberto Donna's AL DENTE just around the corner.
The evening started off with massive downpours, so we were happy not to have to go more than 3 minutes by car!
Once ensconced the boys seemed to commence tearing each other apart verbally; isn't abuse great:-))....
The bread came with olive oil and all the boys got soda (more!) as we ordered a bottle of Vermentino "I Fiori" 2013 (menu says 2011) from Pala in Sardegna which was refreshing and delicious and would work with our seafood to come.
The boys all ordered pizza, pasta Bolognese, gnocchi or such and some of them even split a Caesar Salad.
Ali, our server, was patient as could be with this crowd as he recited the specials and out eyes lit up.
I knew I was starting with The Fried Soft Shell Crab with Tomato & Potato Puree and a Ramp Pesto which was out of this world; the best soft shells so far this season! Will went for the Grilled Octopus with Fennel, Orange, Black Olive Salad & EVOO....yum. These two were divine with the wine as was Will's main course, Spaghetti alla Chitara with sautéed Soft Shell Crabs, Tomato, garlic & Basil. I went for the special Roasted Quail with Braised Leeks and a reduced red wine was divine and perfect with a glass of Baby Amarone Cantine di Ora 2012 from Veneto suggested by the chef himself, who was gracious enough to come over and greet us all a couple of times.
At the end of the meal, he even surprised us with a superb chocolate birthday cake with a hint of apricot filling. Samuel loves chocolate and this was indeed a superb cake, and I am not a cake fan!
We took the boys home so they could tear up the house some more and run in the torrential downpours; I never did this!
Well, we all ate well and had a super fun time.