Tuesday, December 18, 2012

surf on up to the SAND BAR by JEAN GEORGES at the enticing EDEN ROCK in St. Barths (12-18-12)

Today's lunch was a lesson in overpricing, but providing fabulous food
for your buck's (or euro's) bang as well.
The Relais et Chateau EDEN ROCK hotel has long been a standard for
this island and its previous chef is now the guy where we ate both
meals yesterday at L' Esprit de Salines. Recently, Eden Rock moved in
the world famous Jean-Georges Vongerechten at both their dining spots.
The elegant ON THE ROCKS at the top of a huge rock outcrop for which
the resort is famous is open only for dinner, while the SAND BAR below
is open for all meals and sits right on one of the best beaches on the
island with the softest sand, the calmest surf and superb service. So,
you do get what you pay for, and at 20-30 Euros for starters and main
courses in the 30's and up it can be alot. Samuel loved his pizza and
we adored our SALADES de LANGOUSTES PAYS, Avocat, Tomate et
Vinaigrette aux Champagnes.
The top notch greens were the best I have had in a salad in ages and
four huge chunks of local St Barths lobster are served in the corners
of the plate. The lobster is warm and covered with a rich champagne
cream sauce that would win any prize. Even the bread was superb, as it
has been everywhere (parmesan focaccia, seeded rolls and mini-
baguettes). Samuel had a housemade Lemon Thyme Soda and Will went for
the Lime Basil version while I intoxicated with a VODKA THYME
Indulge and enjoy, it is vacation.