Monday, December 24, 2012

Miami Beach's BALAN's CAFE basic brunch (12-23-12)

A quickie Sunday morning brunch at BALAN's on Lincoln Road Mall was
fun for most of us, although Will's GRANOLA PANCAKES were more like
oatmeal cakes and quite heavy. Samuel wanted a plain omelet, but the
one of the menu was a three egg version for $10 or so with all the
additions and potatoes, etc. There was a $5 two scrambled egg dish on
the menu, so we asked our server Uros, if they could make it a plain
omelet. He said the kitchen doesn't take special orders, especially
when busy (the place was 1/2 full), so I begged him to ask. In the end
they did make it, but he came back saying they made a huge
much for customer satisfaction. Let's face it a two egg scramble vs. a
two egg omelet is about 10 seconds of extra work!
My CROISSANT was perfect. A huge tasty flaky one filled with scrambled
eggs and smoked salmon with a sour cream/chive dressing on the side,
plus a small citrus tossed greens salad that was very nice. It was the
perfectly made brunch dish. The Bloody Mary was also nice, but quite
small for it's $8 price tag.
Maybe we will try someplace different next time.