Thursday, December 20, 2012

MAYA's didn't make the mark in St. Barth's (12-18-12)

We wanted MAYA's located on the waterfront in Public just off Gustavia
Harbor, to be a special evening. I had considered it prior to our trip
and then had the pleasure of meeting Maya's son on the flight in. Of
course, he raved about his mom's place, bit so did everyone else we
We were warmly welcomed and got a prime spot overlooking the water
with it twinkling lights and monstrous yachts.
MAYA's is French/Creole style as she hails from Guadeloupe and this
would be a different style than the more elegant French food we had
been eating.

We ordered up a bottle of CHABLIS 1er Cru 2010 from Fourchaume and the
had a St. Aubin la Princee Hubert Lamy 2010, both exhibited great
flavor, terroir and minerality as all the wines we have had on the
island. The price points on wine seem to go up every night with the
starting bottle here around 42Euros ($55)., and many in the hundreds.
Will & Samuel both had the ASPERGES VINAIGRETTE which consisted of 5
asparagus and a nice salad, but at 24 Euros ($32+) this had to be the
most expensive salad of veggies I have ever seen (save maybe one with
white truffles!). I had the SOUPE de POISSONS made from a fish stock
of red and yellow snapper a la bouillabaise style with large croutons
on the side which could be topped with a basil cream and shredded
parmesan for extra flavor, which was quite nice. While I enjoyed the
soup, Will felt there was something wrong with it. Could this be the
reason I became quite ill hours later in the middle of the night?

Samuel's main course was a simple dish of pasta with butter and
parmesan as most of the dishes did not attract him.
Will had the DAURADE GRILLE, a standard a Maya's of mahi-mahi with a
Creole Sauce. He said it was okay. All the dishes come with sesame
seed haricots verts, carrots and a barley-type grain. These were
indeed excellent.
My WAHOO POELE a la Vodka et Gingembre(ginger) was a fabulous piece of
Red Snapper with a crust that was divine.

Samuel, of course, had his new found treat for dessert, the CHOCOLATE
CAKE, which was okay, but Will's COCONUT TARTE with Vanilla Ice Cream
was indeed the highlight of the meal.
We left a bit disappointed, but I must say that once again everyone
was super friendly and nice, especially our server-hunk, Julie (most
wait staff here don't give their names). Maya and her husband Randy
both sent us off making us feel that there is lots of love in this
quaint place, even if every dish is not what it used to be.