Saturday, December 22, 2012

Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant still reliable in Miami Beach, FL (12-22-12)

For lunch today we met some dear friends we have not seen for several years who drove all the way across Florida from Naples to see us, and they chose
an old Miami favorite (now in its 100th year) JOE'S STONE CRAB Restaurant. We quickly agreed and were pretty happy we did so for the most part.
One goes to Joe's for one main thing and that's STONE CRAB CLAWS which are still the best anywhere even if they cost $27 for a plate of 7 medium size
claws! Will does not like shells, or taking things out of them, so he opted for a dozen Gulf oysters which were poorly shucked and when he asked for mignonette
instead of cocktail sauce or horseradish, three different servers seemed lost (in a seafood restaurant?).
Sam not being a seafood fan ordered the Shrimp FLATBREAD PIZZA with Spinach, SunDried Tomato, Red Onion, Asiago Cheese and Basil, but without the shrimp.
It was okay, but he did not like the pizza. He did gobble up the Marinated GRILLED ARTICHOKE with Lemon Boursin Dip and Melted Butter.
Sides of Creamed Spinach and Shoestring Fries were delish as was all the varied tasty bread.
The biggest disappointment was our server Charles, who excused himself like three times every time we kept trying to order. Whatever we asked him for,
we had to ask someone else for as well: water, bibs, ketchup. It was just a bit annoying, but we had a wonderful time seeing old friends and I did love those Stone
Crabs with their super dipping sauce.