Friday, August 21, 2015

lunch at HOME in Belfast, is better than lunch at home(8-5-15)

ay we had a superb lunch at HOME right off the main square in downtown and it was superb. Pulled Pork Sandwiches were a big hit with red cabbage slaw and housemade BBQ sauce and fries (not called chips once again). Samuel had a great Duck Ragu with Parmesan Gnocchi with charred Broccoli & Spring Onion while I had two starters: Fish Caked with Indian Spiced Pearl Couscous (more like orzo) and Curry Mayo that I loved and Salt 'n' Chilli Fried Beef with Asian slaw and Wasabi Mayo that was tasty, but slightly too greasy for my tastes.
One of our friends had the Roast Hake (a super fish here) with ratatouille, polenta fries and green veg....that was the description.

My glass of Esporao Pe Tinto from Alentejo Portugal was a nice full bodied red.

Dinner is planned tonight at the best place in all Northern Ireland-Deane's.