Thursday, May 15, 2014

Falls Church's ORSO always makes an impression (5-10-14)

Saturday night we headed to Falls Church, Virginia again for our local theater jaunt to Creative Cauldron. We always head next door to Pizzeria ORSO(, which is indeed so much more than a pizzeria. Chef Will Artley hovers in front of the 900degree oven, but I was so shocked to see so much less of him as he told me he has lost over 120 pounds! (I'm going to talk to him about that).
Samuel asked for an order of the housemade grilled sourdough with BASIL AIOLI and he would have finished it all had we let him. He was the only one to order pizza and chose the DIAVOLO with Tomato, Pepperoni, Mozzarella and the love for all the fresh ingredients that each dish has.
I started with the BABY BEET & CARROT salad which sounds simple, but here there are loads of beets, whipped Chevre, Arugula & Greens, Pomagranate Molasses and Carrot Vinaigrette, which is an amazing dressing that I need to try and recreate! Will had the BURRATA Special which came with Prosciutto di Parma, a puff pizza-like bread, arugula and RAMP pesto (which I actually managed to recreate for dinner tonight on our grilled tuna and salmon!). A bottle of BRICCO dei TATI Dolcetto d'Alba 2012 was superb with everything we had.
Next, Will chose the Orichiette with LAMB RAGU which was excellent, but I felt vegetarian adventurous and tried a half portion of the Spring CORN AGNOLOTTI with Sautéed Eggplant, Pea Sauce and Sundried Tomatoes. This was a spring pasta dish using fresh corn and fresh peas and well, everything so fresh, that I just wanted more and more. My main course was a small portion of SEARED SCALLOPS with Couscous Risotto, Tomato Jam & Basil Aioli that also used so many wonderful fresh ingredients for such huge amazing flavors.
We shared a side dish of CRISPY BRUSSEL HEARTS which were Brussels Sprouts with Truffled Maple Bacon, Pear & Celery Root Puree--who would ever think this one up and BOY was it superb.
Since I had two small plates, Will ordered the TIRAMISU for dessert which was cake with coffee whipped cream and a crispy finger cookie that I had a small taste of. I love Tiramisu, but I was just so high on the local fresh veggies that I didn't want anything else.
Okay-so we ate too much and I did promise to call Chef Will about his nutritionist wife for weight loss suggestions!