Thursday, May 15, 2014

f you have to blow the buck, blow it at BLT STEAK (5-14-14)

I was invited to an intimate travel luncheon for 8 and yesterday went to BLT Steak for the first time only to be impressed a lot, save for the NOISE. ( I was actually invited to the opening of uber chef Laurent Tourandel's  first DC location and could not make it; it's a shame it took me years to get there.
Our hostess offered up ORCHID Cocktails created for her company (Orchid Hotels) which were champagne, a splash of Chambord, Saint-Germain and whatever the local bartender chooses, as she likes to say. They were oh so refreshing in the heat. Bread here is a course in itself as the huge GRUYERE POPOVERS arrive to the table steaming hot with a load of butter on the side. These have to big almost as big as my head and easily would fill anyone up, so be sure to try one, but split it with a friend!
She graciously ordered up way too many starters including the plum juicy SHRIMP COCKTAIL with huge shrimp, the so-so TUNA TARTARE with potato gaufrettes, which some of the others at the table said was the best they ever had (they never had mine)., quite tasty CRABCAKES and my first SOFTSHELL CRAB of the season which was cornbread battered with Bacon Marmalade and Dandelion Greens-YUM!
For my main I knew I was in a meat place and while everyone else order gorgeous fish plates from the magnificent LOBSTER COBB salad to Crabcakes, Tuna Salad, etc. I went for the KOBE BURGER with Fried Egg, Pastrami and Cheddar Cheese. I pulled away most of the bun and adored the meat and the pastrami as the egg oozed over my medium-rare to rare perfectly cooked Kobe beef treat. It came with fries, which were not indicated, so I ate some, but our hostess had ordered so many sides, I left most of the fries to enjoy these treats. She ordered fries as well, which went untouched on the table, but the beautiful ONION RINGS were devoured quickly. PEAS & CARROTS here are English peas and heirloom carrots with Yogurt And Nori, worthy of any fine dining veggie plate, but it was the Simply Grilled FRESH RAMPS that sent me to heaven. The one thing I did not get was the Jalapeno Mashed Potatoes which I thought were mashed peas at first due to the color. They were tasty, but won no award.
I was so full that I couldn't even think of dessert and waddled out knowing I could not face the gym that day. All I had for dinner was a salad!
There were oh so many yummy treats on the menu that I know I will return here to try some and not to miss those POPOVERS!