Thursday, July 07, 2011

Le CHOU de BRUXELLES sure fits the bill for moules (6-27-11)

For our second dinner in Brussels we headed near the hotel to LE CHOU
de BRUXELLES ( at 26, rue Florence. They have 30
different mussels by the kilo and it was hard to choose. Sam, of
course, had the hamburger with frites. It was a great kid-size burger
and cooked perfectly, if I have to say.
I started with the Matjes raw herring, now that I am a fan of the
Dutch dish and Will had a super carpaccio. He fell in love with
Westmalle Triple Blonde beer and I very much liked the Belgian wine
called DOMAINE BOSCHBERG which is a chardonnay-kerner blend and has
lots of fruit and works brilliantly with mussels.
Will chose the MADERE with Madeira and vegetables (aka onions/celery)
which ended up being quite spicy. I went for MOUTARDE a l'ANCIENNE
with Moutarde de Meaux grainy mustard, white wine and a bit of cream.
The frites were pretty god to, bu still not as good as the stands here
in town (FRITS FLAGEY on our arrival day at Place Flagey were great,
but the oine was 45minutes long!).
We had the 3 course menu for like 31 Euros so will had the Glace au
Speculoos, a biscuit spice ice cream and I chose the DAME BLANCHE,
vanilla ice cream with gooey rich hot melted Belgian chocolate sauce
and whipped cream, which I normall don't care for, but this was a
It was 90 degrees so we opted to sit indoors as there were several
smokers in the garden; a big issue when dining outside here. It was a
good move and the family run place was a great choice.