Thursday, July 07, 2011

Bruges lunch deals are terrific at 't Niew Walnutje (7-1-11)

It was very hard trying to decide where to grab lynch on our first day
in Bruges (Brugge) where we were on the Walplein just minutes from the
city center but in a quiet square with lots of nice outdoor dining
spots. Samuel seemed inclined to have roasted chicken so we chose 't
Niew Walnutje and it was indeed a good choice.
If you have been reading Will's travelougues you will know that it is
cheaper to order a 3 course lunch for 16euros than a once course for
18. Go figure.
Sam had the yummy Vegetable soup loaded with leeks and went on to the
crispy skinned rotisserie chicken with frites and salad. He opted out
of dessert, but it was a great deal for 16 euros. Will chose the 18
euro menu with Cheese croquette, Carbonnade a la Flamande (the very
traditional hearty beef stew made with beer) and dessert for 18 euros.
We were happy when they allowed "dessert" to be coffee.
My 23 euro meal started with a slightly spicy Fish Soup that was hcok
full of local sweet grey shrimo, mussels, fish and more and went on to
to Lapin a la Grandmere...a superb rabbit stew with a brown sauce with
prunes. Amazing potato croquettes made this even better with a salad
as well.
We were all impressed with everything and will even liked the Bruge
zot blond beer made right across the square!
The setting was calm and sweet and the weather perfect. Indeed,
another perfect day in our new favorite place.