Sunday, January 14, 2007

Samuel sups at CORDUROY for a fine finish to DC Restaurant week

Yesterday Samuel was 3 years and 7 months old and he really behaved like a mensch at his first really FINE dining experience with linens, crystal, etc. at the wonderful CORDUROY (located at the Sheraton Four Points on K & 12th Streets, NW). It's been well over a year since our last visit so we decided to take advantage of the $30.07 three course menu which has been offered an dozens of places in town during this past week of RESTAURANT WEEK.

I arrived a bit before Will & Samuel and set his place with some small trains and cars, and alphabet puzzle and crayons with paper. When he arrived he was overjoyed (almost shocked) and set out to have some fun quietly in his place. The lighting is subdued, the colors are muted and the atmosphere very relaxed at Corduory and Sam seemed to fall in at once, save getting excited when we told him the Cinderella and Superman ate dinner just the night before at the next table! I ordered a bottle of ADELSHEIM AUXERROIS 2005, a rare relative of the Pinot blanc grape brought to Oregon in the 70's. It has big hints of apple and a totally wonderful refreshing flavor; a true novel find these days, especially in the warm 60 degree weather we are experiencing. It was perfect with my LOBSTER CARPACCIO with MIZUNA Greens which had an intense lemon flavor rather than vinegar used for the "cooking" of the carpaccio that was just right. Chef TOM POWER's signature LOBSTER SALAD with Basil is always a treat as well, and Sam settled into his HOT DOG & FRIES, of course. He even ate the sliced tomatoes, but quickly told us, "You can have a lettuce," not being a greens person.

As I took him to the bathroom we saw a handsome young couple entering; he in sport jacket and she in a classy black cocktail dress. Sam immediately knew they were Cinderella and Superman, but he refused to go over and say hello. This went on all evening, as he can be so shy, until Will actually approached the couple at the next table and they discreetly gave Sam a big wave that made his day.

The entrees were easily as impressive and as Samuel finished his Hot Dog, Will adored the BRAISED BEEF CHEEKS with TARBAIS BEANS and I fell in love with the PEPPERED RARE BIG EYE TUNA with SUSHI RICE & HIJIKA(seaweed) that was dressed with a Sesame Sauce and some Lotus Slices. The huge chunk or perfectly rare tasty tuna was slightly spicy and just what I wanted. A VOLNAY from DOMAINE JM BOILLOT 2002 was available in 1/2 bottles at a good price, so we had this excellent Pinot Noir that was smooth and yummy with our entrees.

Dessert was also just as impressive, with the ever-present signature MICHEL's CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BARS that Tom Power has the blessing of Michel Richard to serve and Sam simply feel in love with. My PISTACHIO BREAD PUDDING was just what I wanted to fill up on before we all waddled home and put Sam directly to bed.