Tuesday, January 23, 2007

excellence at ESPERANZA in Los Cabos

Another dreadfully cloudy and cold (well 60 degree) day here in Los Cabos, so Will and I ran down the coast to one of the newest and most luxurious resorts for a look-see. ESEPRANZA is part of the Auberge Group which includes the famous Auberge du Soleil in Napa (which I just wrote about 7 weeks ago) and many other beautiful luxurious resorts. We were convinced that this is a great place and the lunch we had was simply superb, not to mention quite reasonably priced. Many of the hotels here charge huge amounts for the luncheon plates (often $20-30) and we were pleased to see most dishes under $20 and many excellent wines as well much better priced than what we have been seeing here in Los Cabos.

We split the CEVICHE CAROUSEL which holds the four ceviche of the day: DORADO with SMOKEY CHIPOTLE, WATERMELON, ROASTED GARLIC SCALLOP with CILANTRO TUNA with AVOCADO, MEZCAL, Olive Oil & SOY SHRIMP with COCONUT MILK, PAPAYA & LIME with a chili spice to boot A small side of GARLIC AOILI and also HOT HABANERO SALSA comes as well as yummy chips. All were fabulous, but the spicy shrimp and the dorado were my faves.

Will opted for the CHILE GLAZED CHICKEN TACO with SMOKED CHEESE & Charred TOMATO-CHIPOTLE SAUCE which was nice, but paled next to my GRILLED FLANK STEAK TACO with GUAJILLO CHILI which was heavenly. These both come with guacamole, red rice and black beans making this much more than a meal. Overlooking Punta Ballena and the Sea of Cortez one can even see the famous LOS ARCOS (arches) that separate the sea from the PACIFIC several miles to the west.

It was a most enjoyable lunch and place we hope to return to again.