Monday, December 11, 2006

Sam sups at NAGE and we both loved it all

As tonight is my last night alone with Samuel before Will returns from a week in the UK, I decided to take Samuel out for a night on the town. I chose NAGE ( at Scott Circle, NW as we were there earlier this year and the kid's menu seemed right up Sam's alley. Indeed, on the way to dinner he said he wanted chicken and fries, so he immediately chose the superb BATTERED CHICKEN & FINGERLING POTATOES. These were no simple potatoes, but aromatically amazing truffled ones; so much so, that at first Sam was shoving mouthfuls of five potatoes in at a time WITH NO KETCHUP (so was I!).

I must preface that on the way we were slightly delayed because Sam wanted to drive by "Cinderella's Castle," which I subsequently discovered to be the National Cathedral. I said that Cinderella was out to dinner, so I managed to waylay that one into a visit for breakfast tomorrow (which I hope he will forget about by then). Sam also adored the homemade hummus and bread served at every table (I did too!). I ordered a glass of WILLIAM ROAN VIOGNIER North Coast (Calif) to start which was really aromatic and wonderful. It was fine with my starter, a LOBSTER & ROCKFISH CEVICHE MARTINI with ROASTED PINEAPPLE and CUCUMBER SALSA, but my second glass was a DR. LOOSEN "SAINT M" RIESLING which was simply perfect with the tasty dish--a quite huge martini glass filled with chunks of tasty fish, lobster, mild roasted pineapple and onions.

I opted for the Salmon special which sounded great *wasabi barley cake, soy giner vinaigrette,etc) but got the HOUSE CURED SALMON with Warm Vegetables which was simply superb--loaded with zucchini, leeks, tomatoes (which Sam ate all of), red peppers (which Sam tasted and said were too spicy--so what does he know), mushrooms and a huge chunk of delicious goat cheese on was superb. I had a yummy glass of WAGTAIL 2005 PINOT NOIR from Yarra Valley Australia which was just right with the fish.

Since Sam only ate half his huge plate I asked for a doggie bag, to which he responded, "dogs don't eat chicken and french fries!" Right, Sam, it's for YOU later this week!

We shared a yummy "HEART HEALTHY DESSERT" (Whatever that means) of SPICED ANGEL FOOD CAKE with a swoosh of chocolate sauce and fruit sauce on the plate and orange segments. Sam adored the cake and especially the chocolate sauce and whipped cream, which I allowed him to eat all of. We really did split the dish and I would say, he was quite a gentleman about letting me have half of everything (he had the whipped cream, and oddly, he told me to eat the orange, which he always likes).

I have recommended NAGE in the past and will do so again and again. It is a wonderful neighborhood bar and dining spot that needs more attention since it sits in the Courtyard Hotel at Scott Circle and I think many people pass it by thinking it is unworthy. DON'T. Icidentally, Sam not only wrote "PAPA'" and a semblance of "DADDY" on his scratch paper at the table, he also wrote what I think were his first "other" words :"in" and "out." So tonight was a dining and educational breakthrough.

Now that Will is home, perhaps we can get back to eating out regularly. Next week: EVE, Farah Olivia by MOROU and TWO AMYS.