Friday, December 01, 2006

amorous of AME and its Sashimi Bar (at the San Fran St. Regis)

Since I was attending the opera again tonight in San Francisco, I did not want a very large meal and the Sales Manager of the hotel I am staying at recommended the hotel's Sashimi Bar. I looked at the menu, and was hooked.

This is no simple sashimi bar as AME (the name of the restaurant is Japanese) the newest brainchild of star chef HIRO SONE of Napa's Terra Restaurant is a gorgeous intimate dining room in the gorgeous sleek new St. Regis Hotel just across from the Yerba Buena Gardens and Museum of Modern Art. The Shashimi Bar is simply a small prep bar for the sashimi dishes at the restaurant's entrance with six or so seats where single diners like me can sit and watch the chefs at work.

I took the suggestion of the Sales manager and ordered the TEMPURA "POKE" with OJO SEAWEED, Hawaiian Sea Salt and Green Onion and was completely in awe. The sashimi is a combination of three fishes (ahi tuna, sea bream and something else) wrapped in seaweed (sushi style, but with no rice) then flash fried tempura style and served with the seaweed and onion as a salad. Each of the five pieces was scrumptious with a slight crunch from the tempura fried seaweed and the salt added just the right flavor as well.

A glass of CHIGNIN-BERGERON, Quenard Vieilles Vignes 2004 Rousanne from Savoie was a slightly creamy yet light wine that went brilliantly with the dish.

I was so happy I decided to order a second sashimi appetizer of SCALLOP "CEVICHE" which is actually marinated ceviche scallops wrapped in super thinly sliced WATERMELON RADISH with SEA SALT, CILANTRO and CANDIED JALAPENOS. There were three crepe like wraps that were about 3 inches long each and beautifully red from the watermelon radish, a new taste for me completely.

Even the rolls were spectacular as I munched on them and headed off to the opera knowing I had NOT overeaten, but also knowing I must return to AVE soon.