Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2 AMYS terrific pizza

When it comes to pizza, we are often stumped where to buy, especially when it comes to delivery. Well, when we go out, there will be no further doubts, since we visited 2 AMY's (www.2amyspizza.com) in Cleveland Park for the first time. Not only did Samuel eat 7 out of 8 (albeit, small) slices in his mid-size pizza, I think that the flaky puffy crust on their pizze (plural of pizza) could perhaps be the best in the world.

2 AMYS is perfect for anyone who loves pizza or just a munch. It's location just off Wisconsin Ave, NW not far from the National Cathedral (which Sam still insisted was Cinderella's Castle as we drove by) has something for everyone. Children are warmly welcomed by the entire staff and quickly supplied with crayons and paper, but we kept Sam busy with lots of wonderful presents from his Uncle Rick (a very dear and special friend who had joined us for dinner).

Even better is the fact that it's five minutes away with plenty of parking in a big FREE lot around the corner. At 6pm, the place was virtually empty, so we got Sam's 2AMYS plain pizza order in fast and he was munching away within minutes. By the time we left at 720pm, there was already a short line for tables, so beware what time you arrive since reservations are not taken (although, I doubt the wait would be that long, except perhaps on a very busy night).

We started off with a bottle of TREBBIANO d'ABRUZZO 2005 from CATALDI MADONNA which was dry and refreshing. Kudos to the wine list which features a huge variety (but beware of some semi-sweet or slightly sweet wines that are not too well described, especially if you like your wines dry) and offer many wines by the glass (starting at $5), the 1/4 liter (starting at $8) and many bottles in the $20's and $30's!

We decided to try some of the small starters and opted for the SALT COD CROQUETTES which were superb, especially with the little lemon splashed on from the accompanying slice. The SUPPLI A TELEFONO (I'm not quite sure what the name literally means) are deep fried risotto and mozzarella balls that are fairly heavy and while delicious, need just the slightest bit of zesty tomato sauce or such to dip them in as they can be a bit dry.

It was tough to decide which pizza to order so we chose two to share for the three of us which was just PERFECT after the appetizers. First was a MARGHERITA which we added POLPETTINI (small meatballs) & PROSCIUTTO to. It was heavenly with huge thin slices of yummy prosciutto and those tasty meatballs scattered all over. It suffered only in the fact that it needed a bit more fresh basil.

There are a number of specials each day and we chose the 2AMYS special pizza of the day which was topped with PORK SAUSAGE, FONTINA, HOT & SWEET PEPPERS. Oddly, Rick & Will seemed to get the huge mouthful each of hot peppers, while I savored the sweet ones mixed with the slight hotness of the sausage and residual tastes of their hot peppers--great for me, but their mouths did burn for a split minute.

We thoroughly enjoyed a literally "new" wine in that 2AMYS offered a special on CANTINA del TABURNO NOVELLO ANGLIANICO 2006. While I have had many Aglianico varietals before, never before did I know that offered a novello, which is akin to the "nouveau" of Beaujolais in that it is released the SAME FALL that the grapes are harvested. This young wine, unlike the Beaujolais Nouveau is intense and fruity with a little spice and truly is an EXCELLENT pizza wine, especially with some of the heavier meats or those hot peppers!

You might wish to skip dessert at 2AMYS or perhaps order ice cream or a plate of cookies. The GRAPEFRUIT CANNELONI are way too creamy for my taste and none of us really got the grapefruit, although the pastry was flaky and decent. The SFOGLIATELLE with FIORE di LATTE Ice CREAM was not quite as wonderful as our waitress described. She said it takes two days to make, and believe me, it did not seem worth the effort. It is a flaky pastry strudel and stuffed with almond paste, although Samuel devoured the superb ice cream within seconds!

So, in a nutshell, EAT PIZZA at 2AMYS!

Tonight---the brand new FARRAH OLIVIA by MOROU in Alexandria! Then, a long rest over the holidays!