Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You need New Mexican Cuisine :Michael's & Orlando's in TAOS

Today was our final day in New Mexico, and since both meals were with Samuel, we decided to head to the favorite local amily-friendly spots serving local food.

Lunch at MICHAEL's KITCHEN (www.michaelskitchen.com) was a real treat. I had a CHALUPITA which is a tortilla covered with chicken chunks, lettuce, beans, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. It sounds simple, but the fresh spicy red salsa was amazing and made the dish simply perfect. Will raved about his STUFFED SOPAPILLAS with meat, cheese and green chili, while Samuel did eat most of his Child Taco Meal. Don't miss the Sopapillas served both with honey and homemade honey butter; they serve extras for free if you ask. We even hit the bakery for pastries to munch in the car on the way to the airport tomorrow!

Dinner was just up the road at ORLANDO's where we had lunch 3 years ago. The food is not as good as Michael's, but it is a friendly, family run operation with outdoor seating and a guitarist. We went indoors thinking it might rain, but it didn't.

Sam ate all his Beer Battered Fries, but struggled through the Cheese Quesadilla until we bribed him with a snack of jelly beans from the little vending machine!

Will & I ordered a bottle of SANTE FE VINEYARDS Tinto de Sol Red wine which at first tastes sweet (think two buck chuck), but actually works with the spicy New Mexican dishes. His SLOPPY BRO was a huge burger covered with cheese, green chili and accompanied by those yummy Beer Batter Fries. I went a bit lighter with a simple, yet excellent, burger with Caribe Chili which comes hot on the side and is a medium salsa like chili with an intense smokey flavor. It was even great for dipping the fries.

Will and I tried the KIKA FROZEN Avocado Pie which is made from Avocado & Lime on Graham Cracker Crust. It's a novelty and fun, but not something I'd order regularly. Samuel adored his jelly beans and we headed back here to El Monte Sagrado to pack and get to sleep early for the long trip home tomorrow.