Sunday, August 06, 2006

Horseman's Haven is home to the breakfast burrito, chilis and more

And you all thought you wouldn't hear about food from me until tomorrow. This morning I joined three of my clients from the Wash Nat'l Opera who were headed back East just as I arrived. It was the perfect time to meet, and their virgin visit to Horseman's Haven. I luckily visited the Haven many years ago when it was a real trucker dive joint, and I fell in love with their breakfast, a meal I usually hate. On my last visit 3 years ago, I was heartbroken to hear they had closed up shop, but were expected to reopen soon. Well, they did, behind a gas station headed out of town in much larger lodgings with more room, and fewer lines (4534 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe -tel. 505-896-0476;, and the food is JUST AS GOOD. The coffee is delish, but its the chilis that make the meal. The breakfast burritos are probably the best it won, but I opted for TWO SCRAMBLED EGGS topped with CHORIZO, GREEN CHILI, CHEESE and served with HOME FRIES and BEANS. The huge platter was impossible to finish, but that won't keep me from going back again. Luckily the Haven is open DAILY from 8am to 8pm (Sundays to 2pm) and they are famous for their chili burgers as well. Hmmmm, will I return, or try elsewhere? Well, to solve this mystery, keep reading this week, as I wind my way through Santa Fe. Tonight I will be at a friend's for dinner, so next report is THE COMPOUND, where I dine on Monday night with three friends from back East before I head to my first opera here this season, Carmen. ALAN (who will also head to the beltmaker in town tomorrow to have extra holes put in those wonderful Southwestern belts I bought here years ago!)