Thursday, August 10, 2006

PASQUALE can be perfect (Santa Fe)

Yesterday Will and Samuel joined me and we decided Samuel's first Southwest meal would be at CAFE PASQUAL, always fun and always spicy. Sam was a bit antsy, but we all perservered and he managed to eat much of the chicken from his CHICKEN & CHEESE QUESADILLA with Garlic Fries (he adored those). I think he was tired from the time change, but he still enjoyed and also liked the superb COCONUT ICE CREAM with a bit of Fudge Sauce we all shared for dessert. My only complaint is that they don't offer a children's menu and the $16 for his plate was a bit pricey, and he only needed 1/3 of it!

I was excited that they offered an PINOT NOIR ROSE 2005 from ELK COVE in Oregon which was so refreshing and perfect in the heat. A CHILLED GREEN CHILE AVOCADO SOUP was very rich and creamy and had a slight bite from the chiles, and the NIMAN RANCH FILET MIGNON TARTARE with Garlic Fries was excellent save for a couple of sinewy bites. This can be a problem when all the food is organic, and Pasquale's went that route last year. A DOMAINE de la JANASSE Cotes du Rhone 2004 went wonderfully with the tartare.

Will opted for the huge PLATO SUPREMO with Chile Relleno, Chicken Mole Enchilada, Tamale and Beef Taco---way too much for one person. I adored my GRILLED WILD COHO SALMON with THAI LEMONGRASS SAUCE, Spicy Papaya Salad and Banana Sticky Rice Cake. It was not very spicy and the fish was supreme with a slightly creamy lemongrass sauce. A glass of JOSEPH DORUHIN 2005 ST VERAN was a perfect for this.