Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NY's UNCLE NICKS:Bloody Marys & Brunch (4-22-17)

Well there's not a lot to write about today's lunch at Uncle Nick's on 9th Avenue and 50th(multiple locations exist) in New York City, though it was a very special afternoon for me because I got to see a friend I have not seen for over 25 years. Facebook is good for that and you can see photos from today's lunch of what is called a saganaki or feta, tomato and sausage casserole in a cast iron pan topped with an egg. It's very Greek and very simple but very delicious and Uncle Nick's has a bottomless Bloody Mary, Mimosa or Sangria for $18 so that was sure worth my three or four drinks as I lost count. The Bloody Mary's come with spicy olives as well as hot peppers so that's a real nice treat.