Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NYC's FUJI SUSHI is a super sushi deal in midtown(4-21-17)

It was almost a year ago when I was in Manhattan for a quick visit that I dropped into Fuji Sushi which at the time I mentioned I must have passed hundreds of times and never noticed in a small narrow location on West 56th Street just between 7th Avenue and Broadway.
I decided to return last night and was in for another amazing $50 dinner treat.
Apparently they have a two for one drink deal which nobody could refuse, so I ordered a Saketini which was dry sake, vodka and muddled cucumber and boy did this Super dry drink pack a punch. It took me almost an hour to drink it and then when they asked if I wanted another one complimentary. I said I would have something a little sweeter but much less potent and they brought out a very heavy on the juice instead of liquor, but excellent cosmopolitan.
I started with House Haru-Maki which is explained on the menu as shrimp crab lettuce and cucumber in a rice pancake. I asked her what it was like and she said it was like a spring roll of vegetables with a little fish. It was a treat and these delightful light rice wrap rolls were filled with vegetables and shrimp and crab with a thick soy-based dip. The dish was more of a vegetarian dish sprinkled with a couple of pieces of shrimp and crab and hence made an excellent appetizer or it could even be considered a great substitute for a salad with a little fish. 
For my main course I chose the Triple Roll which were huge sushi rolls filled with avocado asparagus and cucumber and each was a Toro quality Sushi of tuna salmon or yellowtail.
As you know I'm not a dessert person but I decided to treat myself here and order a plate of three varied Sashimi I went with three things I probably wouldn't usually order: the sea urchin or uni, the baby octopus and the Botan ebi or sweet shrimp. It was a small light plate and the flavors burst in my mouth both the octopus and the uni were in small sculptured cucumber bowls while the shrimp lay beautifully on the plate with its head standing nearby. Be sure to check my Facebook page for photos, and if you're in New York and like sushi and don't have much time this is one of the best deals you'll find between Lincoln Center and Times Square.