Thursday, April 02, 2015

Midtown Manhattan's (NYC) PERA will perk up your taste buds at brunch (3-28-15)

While in NYC last weekend we met my niece for brunch and I chose PERA, a wonderful mid-town Turkish eatery that has a superb brunch deal with main course/brunch drink and coffee or tea for $21.00!
Yummy seeded rolls arrived with FETA Butter which we gobbled up and my niece was in the mood for Hummus which is served warm with LAMB Bacon and lots of tasty lavash flatbread crisps. The hummus was superb, but the bacon was skimpy and fatty; frankly our kosher vendors Hillel & Chaim who make Lambaaacon and sell it at the Bethesda Farmer's market every Sunday do a far superior job!
I had the SUMAC Bloody Mary which was tasty and had a super kick, but since Will is highly allergic to sumac, he had a delish Blood Orange Margarita.
My niece ordered the Pera-Style French Toast which looked awesome and came with Pistachio Jam, Feta Cheese & brandied Strawberries.
Samuel had the Chicken Brochette which was fire-roasted "tender marinated breast" with Garnish Salad (tomato) and lavash. He also insisted on the Mediterranean Fries which were seasoned so well, ketchup was not needed.
Will went for the kofte Slider of Grass-fed beef, "isot biber" mayo, more lamb bacon, Brussels Sprouts slaw and a side of those yummy fries.
Our server Kelly doubled as the bartender and seemed to be running the whole place which was cozy and warm on a cold day, but quite empty as it is at 42nd St & Madison Avenue which is quite quiet on a weekend.
He was very helpful and guided me to the Crock Baked Eggs which came in a huge cast iron pan and had a flan-like tortilla on the bottom, baked eggs all gooey and runny and mixed with Soujouk (sausage), Pastirma (a kind of crispy pastrami), fresh tomatoes and Kasseri cheese. It was one of the best brunch dishes ever.