Friday, April 17, 2015

Kosher for Passover "style" Dining at Dino's Grotto in DC's Shaw (4-5-15)

Every year we head out on one night of Passover since we try to avoid leaven and enjoy a Passover-style meal at DIno's Grotto in Shaw. This year was truly the best of all Chef Dean Gold's years and the food was impressive. The three of us gobbled up most of the food served family-style, and what was left we took home for later and enjoyed again the next two days!
Trio of Charosets offered up some novel takes on the Seder dish which is used to dip the horseradish in. Here we had one with Dried Fruit, Coconut, Chestnut Paste and Poppy Seed which was sweeter than I am used to, but I enjoyed the tropical tinge. Cooked Dates and raisins was amore Sephardi take and the third was a traditional Apple & Walnut with Spices.
I think the best thing we all adored was the Leek Fritter with Saffron which Samuel really wanted seconds on, but we proceeded to what Chef Gold calls "The Passover Trinity:"
Chopped Chicken Liver which is easily some of the best around town--although Samuel will never touch this :-))
Matzo Ball Soup, which Samuel will always gobble up, and this was a tasty one with light fluffy balls as well.
The Gefilte Fish was a huge hit of the meal for both Will and me as it was made from Salmon, Rockfish & Mahi making it probably the best I have ever had anywhere--no questions asked!

The main course was several items again family style and came served with Sweet Potato Tsimmes and Matzo Farfel with Mushrooms both of which the adults loved.
Fish with Citrus and Ginger came in the form of a delicious Salmon Fillet which Sam ignored that night, but gobbled up at home a night or two later.
Braised Veal Breast was the least impressive of the mains, but on the other hand the Tuscan-Matzo-Fried Chicken with Livorno Leek & Tomato Sauce was spectacular with an amazing juicy fried chicken, crunchy coating which anyone would adore on Passover and superb sauce.
Desserts were a dairy Almond Torte with Nuts, Cinnamon Ice Cream and Caramel Drizzle-YUM as well as Macaroons (I like mine better, sorry!)
We always have fun at Dino's Grotto as the staff is friendly and we get to chat with Chef Gold and his wife who are so warm and loving and caring.
Dino's is great ALL YEAR, don't save it just for Pesach!