Saturday, August 16, 2014

Turks and Caicos-Provo Fish Fry is loads of fun (8-14-14)

We moved our dining plans around so we could attend the weekly FISH FRY held at a small beachfront park called Bight Children's Park on Grace Bay every Thursday starting at 530pm.
We arrived just after 6pm and the street sidewalks were already starting to fill up with cars as there is no place else to park since the parking lot is full of vendors.
The quasi-reggae band was playing and people were dancing. The crowd was made up of tourists and locals alike of all ages and really had a friendly homespun feeling.
The lot was filled with craft vendors and over a dozen food vendors as well, making it difficult to choose where and what to eat.  We first spotted Coco Vibes TCI (which stands for Turks & Caicos) where for $5 you got a fresh coconut with a straw. For an extra $5 you got to sip off half the milk and then get topped off with local
Coconut-flavored rum! Impossible to resist and oh so yummy. They sell mixed drinks everywhere, some wine and of course, lots of beer.
Our first food dish had to be the CONCH Ceviche Salad which was full of hot chilis making the dish have a great punch. It disappeared fast and Sam decided he wanted to try the Beef Curry Spring Rolls which were three huge rolls deep fried and filled with a ground beef curry and had a yummy dipping sauce as well.
Next we had to try CONCH FRITTERS and ordered a small size which had about a dozen larger than golf ball sized fritters, which were tasty with their dipping sauce, but heavier on the dough than the conch. Next time, we shall look closely at the product before buying. The same vendor did offer the best CRACKED CONCH we have ever had (okay, this was our first time). It was huge pieces of the meat sliced up and grilled then stewed in foil along with tons of tasty veggies like peas, corn, okra, carrots, cauliflower and more. The meat was grilled perfectly, but then softened by the stewing and the whole dish needed not a bit of any extra sauce, which there were plenty of local hot sauces all around.
Some folks we met offered us tastes of their excellent fried plantains and we offered them from our huge lot of fritters, but no takers! As I said, it's a very friendly atmosphere. We were stuffed by this time and the sun had set so we took a look at the craft vendors and decided to head out as we were hot and tired from a long day (the temperature here hovers just above 90 every day and it is quite humid, thought the breezes are strong). On the way out, Will had to line up for the ice cream vendor, which had the second longest line in the whole place (the longest line was at one food vendor, that must have been awesome as people were waiting over 45 minutes for the food from them). He desperately wanted the custard with the Cadbury chocolate flake (its a candy bar) and felt it was worth the wait. Surprise, they had no flakes, despite the signs on the truck, just a cone with custard and some crumbled up chocolate flakes that was really lame.
I skipped it and we headed home....having had a great time as we saw the yellow costumes Junkandoo band arrive and parade through the crowd for their performance....