Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Grace Bay Club awes at ANACAONA Restaurant (Turks& Caicos-8-18-14)

Back on Grace Bay where the main hotels are located we settled into our gorgeous oceanview one bedroom villa suite with butler for the remainder of our stay!
It's the best here, with gorgeous beaches at our feet and the service beyond the best. We had dinner in the hotel's top restaurant with some of the staff and it was one of the best meals we had on the entire trip.
It started with fun drinks at the Infiniti Bar overlooking the ocean and lots of fun noshes including a tasty Conch Quiche and simple yummy mayo/curry dip with fried plaintains....
As we sat down virtually on the edge of the sand at the bay's edge we enjoyed Pinghin Pinot Grigio and Napa 2012 The Prisoner by the glass which were excellent house wines. Our sever Florence was overjoyed to do anything and never stopped smiling; this is why we love this island so much!
Herbed Butter and Portuguese Salted butter arrived with a Pesto Parmesan Baguette and Sundried Tomato Rolls; they were all superb.
Will started with a divine Chilled Avocado Soup with Bay Scallops, Peppers and Sour Cream and I adored my Mahi-Mahi Carpaccio with Cahacha Lime Dressing and some Jalapeno to boot for spice.
Samuel went directly to the Hangar Steak which was gone in minutes and I settled in with a monstrous piece of South Caicos Red Snapper Filet with Roasted Millet, Oven Tomato Garlic Chutney Relish and some tasty carrots and asparagus. The fish was firm and cooked perfectly and the skin crunchy on every bite.
Will decided on the Malaysian Seafood Pot with Hard Boiled Egg, Rock Scallops, Wild Prawns, MahiMahi, Egg Noodles and Thai Chili which he said was excellent.
Desserts were just as fine making this the best across the board meal we had  from KeyLime Pie with Raspberry Sorbet, Mix Berries & Vanilla Tulle for Will, the Chocolate Gourmandise for Sam which was a cake with shaved banana and chocolate salted vanilla ice cream. My Yuzu Ice Cream with Chiquita Caramel Banana and Peanut Butter Foam & Powder was a chemical dream creation that had so many flavors and feels I just couldn't stop, despite its huge size.
A glass of Zapaca 20+aged Guatemalan rum was the perfect finisher with gourmandizes of chocolate brownies an cheesecakes arriving in case we wanted more.

Sadly, this fall Anacaona will be renamed, rebranded and rebuilt as a totally new concept, but I have no fear that whatever it is, the folks at Grace Bay Club will have a winner of a dining spot-tops on the island!