Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The last night in Oregon:NATIVE FLORA Wine dinner in the Dundee Hills does an awesome job (7-13-14)

For our last night we had planned to return to a restaurant we ate at 14 years ago on our previous visit to the Willamette Valley, but our hosts at the B&B quickly convinced us otherwise, and graciously asked us to join them at a relatively new winery atop the Dundee Hills just minutes away. Native Flora is owned and run by a wild and crazy, but oh so fun couple, and the food was provided by Chef Jody Kropf of Red Hills Market where we had gotten some amazing sandwiches for lunch earlier that day.
We arrived to the gorgeous home at the top of the hills with magnificent views and later a spectacular sunset over the coastal mountains. It was a night to be remembered.
To drink we started with an amazing Jolly Rancher Rose that is made from a rare blend of Pinot Blanc & Pinot Noir and apparently smells like the candy of the same name during the fermentation! To eat we had Endive with Briar Rose Chevre/Walnut/Scallion and Watermelon Radish.
It was, however, the Wood-fired Diver Scallops win a Pinot Blanc/Orange sauce that made us all wild. It was served with the Native Flora Pinot Blanc which was the same wine used to cook them as well. Chef Jody has a "food truck" that he can drive around with his own wood-fired oven that is awesome for catering and we enjoyed every bite.
 Next came a wondrous Preserved lemon, shaved fennel, toasted hazelnuts, summer greens salad with Wood fired crostinis with local olive oil and sea salt, which was nice but the amazing Wood fired sweet onion tart & herbed heirloom tomatoes was another true treat from this roving oven and chef. we had moved on to 2010 First Time Pinot  which was I  I chose  the wood-fired roasted wild Chinook salmon  w/corn suckatash, although chicken was an option and we enjoyed more Pinots, this time called JAGUAR 2010 and later I recall, the unreleased 2012. We even had a Riesling that had not yet even been named and could not be sold!
Dessert was a wonderful Chocolate, hazelnut, red wine and chevre torte - warmed in the oven and served with crushed hazelnuts and local honey and while I am not a chocoholic, the goat cheese truly made this dish sublime.
We had more wine, more fun and only left after we made a purchase from this fabulous ne