Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pizzeria ORSO in Falls Church for pizza and MORE-so (3-10-13)

When we head to Fall's Church we always head to PIZZERIA ORSO these

days where we grabbed a quick lunch with Sam a friend of his who both

gobbled up a PIZZA MARGHERITA. Will's CHICKEN CLUB was on focaccia

with wonderful chuncky meat and tasty sauce. My ITALIAN SALAD was

suggested by our server Frank as a new lunch item and it was

STUPENDOUS with lots of Romaine, Field Greens, Artichokes, Salami,

Caramelized Grilled Onions, Mozzarella chunks, Olives, Pepperoni,

Peppers, Parmesan and was the perfect Sunday lunch for me.

I still promise we will head back to ORSO for a wonderful evening soon

and will report becuase Chef Will Artley is really a wonderful

supporter of Fresh and local produce!

Pizzeria Orso is at 400 South Maple Avenue

Falls Church, VA22046